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The Dishwasher Dilemma

When Appliances Fail

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 23 days ago 3 min read


Dishwashers are just a part of any normal household like microwaves, washing machines and televisions, but I am old enough to remember not having some of these and I still don’t possess a microwave. As I write this I am doing a Windows Update on my Laptop Computer prior to my holiday in Alnwick (in a flat overlooking Alnwick Castle where some of the Quidditch scenes were filmed for the Harry Potter films) where I will be visiting The Poisoned Garden and Barter Books, but this point on this is to chat to you about the situation with my Dishwasher.

So Tell Us About Your Dishwasher Mike

For the past twenty years in Chateau Dred I have been the dishwasher, until ten months ago when a dishwasher arrived which meant that I would never have to wash dishes again in my life!! Well that was a nice thought, but you still have to pack the dishwasher and unload it when it has finished it’s work, often to find some stubborn and not so stubborn soiled dishes that need to be cleaned again or else by hand, which while a little inconvenient is not too much of a problem.

I then found that the dishwasher had a salt reservoir to soften and improve the cleaning qualities of the water, so I bought a two kilogram bag of salt and put some in a cup to fill the salt reservoir, well several cups and two kilograms of salt later the reservoir was filled. That was unexpected to say the least but I think the cleaning improved after doing this all that may be psychosomatic on my part.

And then……

A Dishwasher Disaster

Well not a disaster, but I had put it on and when it had finished there was a puddle next to it, there was a leak from the dishwasher, not good news as the dishwasher stands where the washing machine used to be and a two leak on that required a kitchen floor replacement, though a small puddle in itself was not a major issue. The dishwasher was still within the twelve month guarantee period, but with an upcoming holiday, getting someone out might be an issue.

I decided to take a look at it myself, a bit apprehensively, as I am not great at working with physical items but saw that a rubber seal at the bottom of the door had become dislodged which didn’t look too good.

I tracked down a couple of Youtube videos on the subject although they concentrated on the seals round the door rather than in the door. Armed with this confusing new knowledge I proceeded to reinsert the rubber seal and then ran an empty dishwasher.

No puddle.

I tried a small load.

Came out clean with no puddle.

It looks like I fixed it, but going forward I am going to keep a close eye on the machine.

Dishwasher (Machine) vs Dishwasher (Me)

While I was contemplating the puddle problem I was doing the dishwashing by hand and realised that washing certain items by hand takes a few seconds and then can be put out to dry, and started thinking I should still wash some by hand and leave the mechanical dishwasher free for the difficult pieces.

I do like my dishwasher and am happy that I stopped it leaking because it taught me a little and then slightly changed the way I used it. Maybe it is a really smart appliance.

I hope this has entertained you a little, not your average Vocal story, but then again, none of mine are.

Music is "Wash, Mama, Wash" by Doctor John

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  • Naseeb ullah5 days ago

  • F. Anne Fischer7 days ago

    The Poison Garden is so much fun, with the plants in cages 😂 Glad you got your dishwasher functioning again

  • Morgan Stokes9 days ago

    This article is really amazing. Thanks for the sharing.

  • Nikki Clam18 days ago

    "I totally relate to this! Sometimes I'll stare at the dishes for a while before finally caving in and doing them. But hey, at least we're not alone in this struggle, right?

  • Thasleem Ahmed20 days ago

    Nice article

  • Vinil Nair22 days ago


  • Babs Iverson22 days ago

    Well done!!! Bosch is an excellent dishwasher too!!! Congrats!!!💖💖💕

  • Gina C.22 days ago

    Congrats on Top Story!! What a fun read 🥰

  • This was entertaining. Glad you managed to fix it!

  • JBaz22 days ago

    This is timely as my wife and I find ourselves in a current dishwater dilemma. At least I know I am not alone. Congratulations

  • Dana Stewart22 days ago

    Quirky and fun piece, Mike. As always, your included playlists rock. Congrats on Top Story!

  • aly suhail23 days ago

    i like to keep it old school, sponge and fairy liquid.

  • Naomi23 days ago

    I was the dishwasher growing up. That was one of my chores I had to do to earn my allowance—and if I did not do it, not only was I not paid, I also got grounded. You’d think I would love dishwashers, but I do not. For the reasons you’ve stated! They don’t get dishes clean enough, and with the loading and unloading, you may as well just wash them. Late last year I moved from a super modern luxury apartment with stainless steel appliances to a vintage apartment. I no longer have a dishwasher or microwave, and I’m good with that.

  • Lol!! This top story came in the nick of time as our dishwasher is always on the fritz.. we got a replacement and it is still acting wonky lol Great work! Congratulations brother

  • KJ Aartila23 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your quirky story! I do have a microwave, but never had a dishwasher or the very reasons ou expressed - I don't see them lightening the workload what-so-ever, and they have a great capacity for breaking down and causing much damage - but so do most appliances - so glad you are happy with having it though!

  • Heather Hubler23 days ago

    Loved my dishwasher at my old house, it was the first one I ever had as an adult! But since moving to my new (old) house, we haven't been using it as our hard water does not work well in the machine. I wash everything by hand. I loved this story!! It was so unexpected, fun and relatable :) I hope you're having the best holiday! Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Enjoyed your story. We had to replace a dishwasher once and the garbage disposal went at the same time. The old one caused a flooded kitchen. Good thing we noticed before it could all soak in. I enjoyed you music and your other comments too! Thank you for the smile and laughs!

  • Moe Radosevich23 days ago

    A need to know, congratulations on the repair job and 👍 for the story, my dishwasher is slowing down as I am getting old 😂, good read buddy

  • Donna Fox23 days ago

    You have this gift for making your readers smile and bringing light hearted comedy to things that most people would find stressful and anguishing! So inspiring that you can find the positive in something that a lot of people would take negatively! 💜

  • Allie Bickerton23 days ago

    I’ll respond to this by sharing a senryu I wrote about the dishwasher at work… The dishwasher can Forever stop condensing My mind into mush

  • Donna Renee23 days ago

    Dishwashers are more trouble than they are worth! I’m so impressed when anyone can fix appliances though! I used to think I couldn’t live without a microwave and then had to go 4 months without one…. Didn’t miss it after the first week!

  • Mariann Carroll23 days ago

    Love the humor 😂I don’t like to waste electricity with just me, I was mine by hands

  • Loryne Andawey23 days ago

    According to my Asian-a$$, a dishwasher is a storage rack beneath the sink and is pretty much useless. The real dishwasher is the one assigned to wash dishes that day. Thanks for entertaining me 😂

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