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The Bullying That's Greatly Affected My Life

Originally posted on 7/25/2022 on my Wordpress

By Glen Miley CollierPublished 3 months ago 8 min read

This story (below this paragraph) is mine. Originally it was posted on Wordpress as a blog. This is the first of a series of 3. After I eventually post the 3rd, if there are any updates, it will be exclusive to Vocal.

My name is Glen Miley Collier. I have autism. Those who truly know me know that I'm a good, decent, honest, respectful, and very patient person.

Due to the actions of one "Vincenza", a disbarred attorney from New Jersey, various friends of hers, and Joey A Camp.....some random people have been lead to believe some horrible and very untrue things about me. They've (Vincenza, some of her friends, and Joey A Camp) attacked and harassed many people online often leading them to believe that it was me. As to the extent of Joey A Camp's role in this, I am unsure. Sometimes they would attack people, using fake social media profiles with fake identities, acting as if I asked them to do it. Sometimes some of them would pretend to be me while causing trouble. Sometimes profiles would be made to mock me cruelly.

In regards to Joey A Camp, I'm not going to say much here. I need to do more research and some thinking. But I will say this. I came upon him at random on Twitter. I liked a few of his tweets that had pics of places he was traveling. He DMed me and asked me about the weather in particular places. I would look it up and give him the information. Occasionally he would complain about this one woman he says claims to be a lawyer, but acts otherwise. He pointed out her Twitter profile and asked me to help report her. He'd go on and on about it. I never reported her. I told him I did so for him just to shut him up. Occasionally he would ask me if I could report others or contact others on his behalf. That's when I began to slowly distance myself. Out of the blue I've gotten contacted by people with all sorts of claims about him. Some I blocked because they got aggressive. Some I just told he just started asking me about the weather in areas and mentioned a stalker.

I ended up getting more DMs regarding Joey A Camp. Many of which were harassing me. I began to get harassing tweets. Some people angry and claiming I did and said things I didn't. This was around the time Vincenza and her friends began to befriend me acting as if they cared and claiming to be victims of the same people.

One of the worst things Vincenza and her friends have done was persistently go after this blogger that runs, often leading him to believe I supported their vile activities of bullying and harassment. They also lead him to believe I was on their side, their friend, and guilty of the things they painted me as being guilty of. This resulted in a page, and a series of blogs, with my name included making it seem like I am supportive of Vincenza and some of her friends' horrendous actions.

The page and blogs are among the first things that pop up when someone googles my name. They've affected my life in numerous ways. Below is just a small portion:

1) This one church I began going to, I am not welcome because a few of the well knowns have seen these blogs. This was in mid 2021. This has happened with 2 other churches since the blogs went up. I no longer go to church.

2) Last few times I tried to date and got googled, these blogs came up in a search. I've been harshly judged, tossed aside, and barely given a chance. I stopped dating in 2018.

3) A neighbor that use to let me walk her dog came upon these blogs when Googling my name. Passed them around. Now some people give me dirty looks when I go for walks. This happened recently.

4) Abandoned by some friends who didn't want to be harassed by Vincenza and her friends and/or possibly end up in one of those blogs. Some even wondered if what they heard about Joey A Camp was true and if maybe he was somehow engineering some of the hate against me.

5) I've had to start over in many online games I play because some believing those blogs, combined with how Vinnie and her friends painted me, chose to pass around those blog links. I got kicked from guilds. I got made fun of. I got harassed. I've had to change internet identities a few times.

6) I stopped going to Planet Fitness because staff members would give me nasty looks. I found out it was because some have seen the blogs about me. I found this out when this kid dropped something, I picked it up, and handed it to them. A nearby staff member asked "are you going to dox that child too?". Not one had the decency to ask me about anything or even get my side.

If I was really guilty of doxxing a 7 year old child like it was claimed in the main blog page about me, then I would be in jail or prison or have some kind of criminal record. I don't. No charges have been filed. The person guilty of this was named "Marcie". NOT ME. Supposedly Joey A Camp helped her. As to if he did, I do not know. I suspect maybe since the child in question was the kid of that woman he claimed was stalking him.

I've been falsely painted as having multiple personalities and being my own friends on Twitter. This accusation happened regarding anyone that tried to stand up for me and stand by me. This is an isolation tactic. It is because people will abandon the victim to avoid being victims themselves.

Things written by others, were painted as being done by me.

In some of the blogs copy and pastes of conversations were posted. Those conversation likely did happen, but it wasn't with me. Here's the thing about that. I was shown as "Len Collier". I NEVER went by that. Whenever I shortened my first name, it was to Gen. Never to Len. Any interactions he thought he had with me, was not actually me. My guess is either Vincenza, someone associated with Vincenza, or possibly Joey A Camp. When Joey A Camp would come to mind, I had my doubts. Especially since my interaction with him wasn't that much. But I also wondered if maybe he wasn't too thrilled that I started to distance myself and wasn't playing in to helping him. But then why would someone contribute to getting me harassed over that. I dismissed it as paranoid thinking for the most part.

Most people in this situation would be mad at the blogger, blame him, take legal action. I could..... BUT, would that be the morally right thing? The truth of the matter is we both are victims of malicious actions and behavior by Vincenza and even Joey A Camp.

I lost track of all the awful things Vincenza tried to have done to me and said about me.....including all the rumors and lies. Including stuff she had her friend Brandon photoshop in order to make it look like I said and did things I would never say or do. I also lost track of all the people Vincenza and her friends got to come after me, harass me, and bully me. Perhaps another time I will go into more detail about them.

There was someone else involved in this . He went by "9riest". He often varied it when he would get suspended from Twitter. He had a website he created. He kept pages on various people. The one he had for me, he posted my personal information along with many false claims painting me as some horrific bully. Not only that, he listed various people I knew on Twitter and claimed they were me. Like with Vincenza and her friends, I lost track of all the horrible claims this "9riest" person made about me in the many tweets he posted with links to my personal information. Luckily, eventually, his website got suspended. As to why he started in on me, I do not know. Who knows what Vincenza did to get him after me. Or perhaps it was someone she made mad about me that did. Despite this person's or anyone's, claims, I NEVER actually interacted with 9riest. Any interaction they supposedly had with me, wasn't me. But was either someone pretending to be me or accused of being me. I would say the same thing about him that I said about the IronTroll gentleman, and chalk it up to he was mislead. But when this person chose to post my personal information along with such horrendous false claims, they crossed a serious line into criminal behavior. I do not hold a grudge or resentment and will never retaliate. Bullying and harassment, in any form, is never justified. If I ever came across him again or he tried to speak with me, I'd simply block him and move on as if he didn't exist. If he persisted, then I'd report him if necessary, then block.

Now why did Vincenza pull what she pulled regarding me? Easy. I tried to be her friend and not judge based on what was being said. All while not discussing any of it or anything regarding any fight she was involved in. Apparently she didn't like that and my refusal to be involved. It didn't matter when I refused to help repost and like things involving fights with others. Vincenza took it upon herself to make it look like I involved myself and supported her actions and she and some of her friends have tried to make me go away from being online.

Despite all this I do have a few good close friends. As long as I have that, I'll be okay.

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  • Clyde E. Dawkins3 months ago

    I am so proud of you for sharing your story! As someone who has been bullied before on social media, I absolutely sympathize with you and what you went through! It is always good to stand up for yourself, and I applaud you for doing so!

  • Alex H Mittelman 3 months ago

    Sorry you had to go through all that! Great writing!

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