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Thanks To Two Trees

A young man who grew up as a kid who was loved by everyone. When he was in school, he was the third-best student and class leader. In his junior year, he participated in the national Olympiad competition and won the first prize.

By BobbyPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Thanks To Two Trees
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 A young man who grew up as a kid who was loved by everyone. When he was in school, he was the third-best student and class leader. In his junior year, he participated in the national Olympiad competition and won the first prize.

  Before the age of 17, he was guaranteed to further his studies at a university. Fate played a big joke on him in the summer of the year he received his acceptance letter: a speeding vehicle mercilessly took away his legs and left hand while he was crossing the street. In the face of this disaster, he was not defeated, and eventually, with amazing perseverance, he studied all the university courses, and later founded his own company, becoming a private enterprise with tens of millions of yuan in fixed assets, and was elected as the city's "Ten Outstanding Youth". I went to interview him the other day and asked him how he overcame the unimaginable pain and suffering to achieve what he did today.

  To my surprise, what he wanted to thank most was neither his parents who gave him great care nor his friends who always encouraged and supported him. When confronted with my question, he answered very quickly: I want to thank the two trees!

  After the car accident, it was the end of the world for him, who had been outstanding since childhood and had high self-esteem. Looking at his mutilated body, he felt his life was ruined and there was no more goal or meaning to pursue in life. Even the sound of a car horn or two coming from the street in the hospital could cause him to be irritable and restless, and his mood was extremely unstable. To give him a break and divert his attention, after he was discharged from the hospital, his family purposely sent him to his aunt's house in the countryside for a retreat.

  There he met the two trees that would determine the meaning of his life.

  His aunt's family lived in a small village far from the city, peaceful, restful, and even a little backward. He was in his aunt's small yard, eating, sleeping, sleeping, eating, passing the time he thought was no longer valuable day by day, and becoming more discouraged and lethargic. Half a year passed.

  One afternoon, his aunt's family went to the fields and school, and he was the only one at home. He was so bored that he swung his wheelchair out of the small courtyard by himself.

  In this way, as if by an unspoken arrangement, he met the two trees unexpectedly.

  What kind of two trees were they? In a place fifty or sixty meters from the aunt's house, there were two very strange-looking elm trees, twisting their limbs like canes, but stubbornly standing upwards. Between the two trees, connected to a thick wire seven or eight meters long, the ends of the wire are deeply embedded in the trunk. No, it is simply wound directly in the tree! Live like a long sack was waist tightly tied a rope, showing two thick ends, the middle of the strange shape of thin.

  See his curious look, a neighbor took the initiative to tell him that at first, it was for the convenience of drying clothes, seven or eight years ago, someone pulled a wire between two small elm trees. Over time, the trunk grew thicker and thicker, and the part that was wrapped around the wire was always unable to break the bondage and was strangled with a deep circle of scars, and the two small trees were dying. When everyone thought that the two elm trees are no longer viable, I did not expect the next year after a winter rain, they sent out new shoots, and as the trunk gradually thickened, year after year will be tightly wound in their wire "ate" in!

  Inexplicably, his heart was strongly shaken: in the face of violence and bad luck imposed by the outside world, small trees still know how to fight, and as a person, and what reason to give up on life's efforts! Faced with the two elm trees, he felt ashamed, but also stirred up a deep-seated resentment - only to see his right hand, with difficulty, from his wheelchair for more than half a year to support the whole body, respectfully to the two ordinaries, but no stronger elm trees, a deep bow!

  Soon, he volunteered to return to the city, picked up the long-lost textbooks and confidence, and began a new life of his own.

  I was speechless for a long time after listening to him calmly tell this story.


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