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Life is Beautiful Because of Trials And Tribulations

In all fairness, no one wants to endure trials - torturous experiences - in their lives so often that even if it were true that they could thus increase one's beauty, no one would cheerfully say, "Ah, how I love torturous experiences."

By BobbyPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
Life is Beautiful Because of Trials And Tribulations
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  In all fairness, no one wants to endure trials - torturous experiences - in their lives so often that even if it were true that they could thus increase one's beauty, no one would cheerfully say, "Ah, how I love torturous experiences." One always aspires to peace and tranquility. However, unfortunately, torture is not based on the subjective desire of people, whether they like it or not, it just does what it wants, and sometimes even imposes on people, who can do anything about it.

  If so, why do not people let themselves meet this challenge? Why can't people turn it into some kind of nutrient to nourish their beauty? People avoid torture because they don't want to endure it, and when they can't avoid it, they say that it can be a beautiful life, and both sides are justified.

  Avoiding torture is the best choice in life. Once you can't avoid it, let it become the nutrient for a beautiful life. The reason why this is also the best choice of life is that, when people are trapped in torment, they face more than one choice, such as pain, anxiety, loss of love, confusion, helplessness, or devastation, and none of these choices has a positive nature, they are all depression and decadence of life. Compared to these choices, the only choice to let the torture into a beautiful life of nutrients is the best.

  The key to a beautiful life due to trials is the perspective and depth of one's understanding of trials. It should be said that trials themselves have the function of a beautiful life, but if, for reasons of awareness, you let trials uglify you, it is a bit like adding insult to injury, and you have no one to blame but the cause of the trials. Given the above, it is not true that everyone's life will be beautiful because of refinement, but many people are ugly.

  Life is beautiful because of refinement, not only because life needs to grow in refinement, but also because of the inevitability of refinement to life. The crowd is full of materialistic desires, and the direction and intensity are different, so who can predict when and where there will be a kind of torture for themselves? If you don't expect it, you have to follow it, and you don't want to sink to the ground. Although the side of the ladder is full of thorns, at the end of the ladder, there are flowers.

  Life is beautiful because of the trials and tribulations, but also because it makes life harvest a negative experience that can not be bought with money. Life experience, the majority of positive, life's teachings, the majority of good, these things, are not a test of life, but only torture with this evil. Isn't it often said that "it's hard to raise a thousand-mile horse in a pigsty, and it's hard to plant a ten thousand-year-old pine in a flower pot"? Why is it so? It is because it lacks the opportunity to be tested. Not only this but also other things in life, that have not been tested, you can hardly assert whether it is complete and beautiful. And this test, but not who planned the test questions, is unexpectedly in front of people so that people are caught off guard. Because of its sudden nature, it is a test for people to test the meaning of very much. After this struggle, people are not decrepit, but more spiritual, such a life is not to the beauty of where to go.

  Of course, trials and tribulations can also be ugly in life. Life was still a bit beautiful, after several torturous resumes, but not to make it mature and beautiful, but to make it full of pain, confusion, uncertainty, and even forward-looking, fearful, obsequious, not a little angular temper, which is not a bit ugly it? `

  For these people, all the trials and tribulations can not be called trials and tribulations, but disasters. In short, as long as there is a little frustration and difficulty, it is always like a disaster in the body, what fidgeting, ah, the gods do not know ah, do not know how to eat ah, etc., these emotionally draining things have come. Such a life, so how it from the ruins to the beautiful? A heart has been filled with the word disaster, experience is not enough, may let him take a look at the beauty behind the disaster? The so-called disaster itself has already made people unbearable, and then to strengthen its harm to people with such a state of mind and emotion, it is not the limper to make the stick hit. Is life difficult and beautiful, and is it not thus doomed by oneself?

  This kind of feeling about trials and tribulations is not necessary.

  If you can't make torture a ladder to a beautiful life, you shouldn't make it a door to a disaster. How about maintaining a neutral attitude between beauty and disaster? How about treating it with an indifferent attitude? By doing so, at least life will not appear negative, and the absence of negativity does not indicate that there are positive elements in it. This is far more optimistic than the way of perceiving things by considering trials as disasters.

  At some point, the spiritual wealth of life may seem more important than material wealth, and people should not ignore it. There are many ways to acquire spiritual wealth, and constant refinement is one of them or one of the most important ones. The beauty of life can be seen first of all in the amount of spiritual wealth, not in the amount of material wealth. Life is beautiful because of its trials and tribulations, and that is where the beauty lies.

  Indeed, people always want to be flat and safe, and no one wants a torturous experience. But it does not come, as a passive sufferer, and do not want to compromise, then, come up with your wisdom, turn the decay into magic, life will be beautiful, although this belongs to the nature of force, but also better than doing nothing. It is also precious to be able to make the right move.


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