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Struggling with a project? It’s time to bring in an expert.

Freelance services like connect employers with skilled freelancers to get the job done.

By Dawn WellsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Have you ever heard the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”? It refers to someone who’s capable of doing lots of different things, but isn’t really all that great at any of them. While it’s not particularly flattering, it does apply to many employees in virtually every industry.

The current labor shortage in the United States is partly to blame for that. With more and more people quitting their jobs or changing career paths, the employees who choose to stay have to do more and more work just to keep things running.

Imagine trying to sit down and focus on a single task, but having to stop every few minutes to answer phone calls and emails, plus greet clients as they arrive and handle scheduling, too. Would the quality of your task suffer as a result of all these distractions?

Entrepreneurs who run their own small businesses are probably familiar with needing to wear many hats just to keep the company afloat, but many probably don’t realize that finding help with tasks and projects is much easier than committing to hiring a full-time employee. was developed about two years ago as a premier workforce replacement solution. Founder Dawn Wellott says, “We’ll find the talent you need and manage the tasks or projects for you until completion. You will simply get exactly what you need, when you need it, from start to finish.”

The SmartMomGig platform has over 1000 women in their database, all of whom are 1099 workers located in the United States. This extensive database allows companies to find workers specifically for projects that need completing. Dawn Wellott says, “Through SmartMomGig, you can hire for the skill you need, in the timeframe you need it, and we handle the taxes, paperwork, and process for you.”

How does it work? The workers available for hire on SmartMomGig have uploaded their resumes to the site. Business owners looking to hire for a specific task or role can browse the provided resumes in order to find the perfect fit– and unless they find it, they don’t have to make any payments, since there’s only a fee once a worker is hired.

For the past few years, the state of the job market has been in favor of employees due to The Great Resignation. Millions of jobs opened up in every industry across the United States. This was partly due to the pandemic, but it’s also a natural progression of the gig economy. Workers for companies like Uber and InstaCart can set their own schedules, earning income without having to sit in a cubicle for 40 hours a week. Freelance sites, like Fiverr, have popped up within the past several years– so even without the pandemic, the workforce was experiencing a shift toward more independent contract and freelance work.

Some companies are reluctant to pursue hiring freelance workers to handle projects because of office culture– when projects are being completed by remote workers anywhere in the United States, there’s not really any “water cooler gossip” or office birthday parties.

However, the numbers don’t lie. Part of the reasoning behind The Great Resignation of the past few years is that, in addition to higher salaries, workers want the more flexible schedule that comes with remote or hybrid jobs. Given the choice, they’d rather be able to spend time with their families than build in-person connections with coworkers.

Working for a freelance service like allows them to set their own hours and pay rates, which is good news for employers, too. Deviating from the traditional 9-5 structure actually means that people can work when they’re able and motivated to do so– resulting in projects that are completed faster, even over the course of nights and weekends. is paving the way for more and more women to earn a living on their own terms. For business owners, hiring freelancers to complete specific tasks and projects is the future of the job market because they get to save money while workers save time, both in exchange for less commitment and higher work quality.

To learn more about SmartMomGig, visit, call 720-885-6377, follow along on Facebook and LinkedIn, or reach out to [email protected].


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