Social Entrepreneurs

What is a social entrepreneur?

Social Entrepreneurs

There is this huge buzz about social entrepreneurs. Apparently, the guy that came up with the term didn't produce a clear definition. I was originally told it was an entrepreneur that doesn't have a storefront, doesn't necessarily sell a product or a traditional service, and only uses social medias to get business. That makes perfect sense to me. But after some research on the subject, I found it to mean something much much more.

By definition, the words "social entrepreneur" means that the entrepreneur starts a business in the aim to solve a social issue or effect it enough to share to change it. After seeing that I grew to understand this type of entrepreneur a bit more. It's the next generation of entrepreneurs, and that's why it can't be defined because we are still creating the definition.

So which is it, you may be wondering. I believe it to be both. It is an entrepreneur who via social medias is aiming to solve a social issue. We live in the age of technology. It is now easier than ever to build a fan base online than going door to door selling t-shirts and candies. They eliminate the need to trek around looking for interested parties. By using social medias they are able to reach people all around the world, despite language barriers, race, and location. I know that I have used Facebook and Twitter to do just that. When I want my voice to be heard against all the things that people are talking about, all I have to do is a post and get their feedback.

It's a simple solution to a problem and my generation uses it. We go from school to real life with little to no guidance, but we know how to use our phones to talk to our friends, share our thoughts, and get ourselves out there. We no longer have to network within our own states or countries. We can talk to the world with just the click of a button.

But as an entrepreneur with social media, we can talk about the issue and get people who are genuinely interested in solving it. Then we can expand on that thought of getting from startup to ending the problem in a matter of moments. We can post a video, write a post, or send a picture and get the message to thousands at the same time.

For example, if I have an idea of a way to get more food to people that need it, I can share it with my group, my friends, and their friends. Before you know it they are sharing it with their friends than their friends. You are socially affecting people's disposition on something you think is worthy of sharing.

The group I just joined recently is all about helping one another succeed in what they plan to do and it has over 200,000 members. I'm sure I'll find at least one person who loves what I do and what I have to say.

Social entrepreneurship encompasses the drive to change the world, by using the tools we have readily available.

So what types of entrepreneur are you?

Are you a small business entrepreneur with a traditional building, a service or product?

A scalable startup entrepreneur, that thinks outside the box and takes risks daily?

Or maybe a large company entrepreneur with new products, and new services for the everyday consumer?

No matter what type of entrepreneur you may be, remember to put your whole heart into it and give it everything you have. Because if you aren't excited about what you do, no one else will be.

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Alexius McCoy
Alexius McCoy
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