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SEO | What I'm Learning

Whether you have been an Entrepreneur, a Marketer or Public Relations Specialist, or you're just starting out you've probably had to focus on SEO (search engine optimization) and the ever-changing philosophical question, "Yes, but what is it, exactly?" For my journey thus far, here is a not-so-deep-dive and what I have learned.

By Jen JaxxPublished about a year ago 3 min read
SEO | What I'm Learning
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How Has SEO Changed in 2023?

SEO is an ever-evolving field. Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly updating their algorithms and guidelines, not to mention online culture is constantly changing, too.

How people search for things and what they expect those search results to reveal can also be unpredictable.

My Backstory

I personally started my online business last year. When I started, literally from scratch,  I had no product, no service, no social media beyond actual friends and family and a microbudget.

With a story this crazy, things have to get better, right?

I made a website and started some accounts on social media. I posted, liked, and shared. And then I waited.

Nothing, my online presence was buried deep in the search engine abyss and no one could find me and what's worse, no one cared. There was no search party coming to rescue me or my ego.

Several times I wanted to give up. I hit rock bottom and stayed there for a while, waiting. Note, there are more self-help books for entrepreneurs than for twenty-somethings. I stayed busy making videos and learning editing, absorbing how things worked.

I started to realize that SEO, as I had known it, was something else entirely now and that I was going to have to adapt regularly. Likewise, I worried about just how messy (expensive and time-consuming) this could get for me. I felt terrible when I realized that for all I had learned I still didn't fully "get it" and I too, could land in outsourcing disaster.

So What's the Good News?

I got help. I found help that I could actually afford. The kind of help freelancers and competitive marketplaces charge an arm and a leg for.

The kind of help that will grow with you, without making you feel small.

I started using different services at my marketplace of choice to increase my ranking on Google and web traffic in more creative ways. I found freelancers who know the ends and outs well enough to work some magic for flailing web pages, started growing my social media accounts, and developing small ways to keep insisting on my business relevancy.

As most people learn from the static advice out there, content isn't enough. Building doesn't guarantee they'll come.

More importantly, I adjusted to the constant change that I was not in control of, which made it easier to be present and responsive.

How can my story help you or someone else?

I wanted to tell this story in a personal way for two reasons.

The first is to raise awareness to the complexities of SEO with human interest, not just a technical one. The importance of having increased web based connections are only a mantle for the human ones. Businesses need human support, feedback, patronage, and partnerships to last.

This means getting help when you need will make your business stronger, not weaker. Because all sized businesses can utilize the people and the technology behind SEO to grow, develop, and improve their service.

The second reason was to highlight the fact that quality help should be and still is available affordably. In short, to spread the word about different SEO marketplaces, offers, and freelancers out there ready to help your business, so we can all succeed.

By sharing the challenges, successes, and lessons learned personally, I hope to inspire and motivate others to take action and invest in their own SEO strategy.

I think that by hearing about the tangible results from other entrepreneurs, more people can see the potential benefits for their own business or creative endeavors and gain confidence.

If you are interested in improving your search engine rankings and taking your business to the next level, please visit the link below to learn more about the SEO Marketplace that I use, trust, and recommend. As I mentioned above, I have benefited from a wide range of SEO services available.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you all the best on your own SEO journey. Comment and share this article, if you have feedback or suggestions, let me know.

I look forward to hearing how you have braved the technology curve in your own business and how you create bridges on and offline.

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