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Role of Aluminium in the Installation of Sliding Doors and Windows

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By Duraslide Pte LtdPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

The concept of sliding doors and windows came to be used in civil constructions and the later part of the 19th century. This was a new innovation that was done in order to make up with congestion that was very much prevalent in bigger cities where building high-rise buildings and skyscraper that were on the increase. Engineers and architects had to resort the installation of sliding doors and windows, which would remarkably work well with the small area constructions. The construction of a sliding door, and the window is quite simple, the window is first fabricated in such a way that its top portion and the bottom portion Consisted of a small wheels that would run on fixed rails that are fitted to the window frame parallel to each other one railing at the top and the other railing at the bottom. Initially this new concept of sliding glass door and windows was only implemented in areas where there was a scarcity of space where in the windows and the doors could not be accommodated in any other means. Later on this concept became a matter of enhancing the cosmetic look of the civil construction.

The window panels which consisted of glass and wood as a frame was quite heavy, and had to be securely fixed to the wall to do these extra reinforcements had to be applied so that the movable window panels would not drift away from the railings. In case of high-rise buildings, doors and windows, which were light and easily manoeuvrable, had to be fixed to cut down the extra reinforcements, so suitable material which could replace wood lighter weight that could with stand climatic and weathering effects had to be chosen. In Such conditions, aluminium was one metal that could take the place of wood. Aluminium is a light, white metal which is robust and resistant to weathering actions, such as rusting and corrosion. Due to its silvery finish, aluminium blends into any settings without disturbing the appearance of the surrounding areas, which really enhances the look giving it a rich and sober appearance.

The other advantages of aluminium over and other metals is that although a light metal, it is quite strong, and can be moulded into any shape and size In case the users wish to colour the metal with the shade of their choice, they can do so, without spoiling the finish, because aluminium is as it is a metal with a smooth surface which when painted with a suitable shade matches with the environment amazingly. Unlike the other competitive metals, such as steel, iron, and so on aluminium does not form oxides when exposed to air or moisture, where the lifespan of aluminium is comparatively higher to the other metals, which otherwise rust and corrode, and get destroyed. Fabricating, Sliding Aluminium Doors Singapore and windows definitely is a matter of skill, creativity, and tactfulness. And also available in different types, such as Glass Folding Doors, Swing Glass Door, Auto Door Systems etc. Organizations like Duraslide with an excellent team of experienced, skilled, dedicated and hard-working members offers second to none service in designing, fabricating, installations, maintenance, and after sales service.

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