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Rejected by Amazon Merch!

Why i got rejected and how you could pass!

By Willow PeddyPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Rejected by Amazon Merch!
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Amazon Merch!

I decided to try and join Amazon Merch, as did my Mum. I created a business name, logo added a description of my product and even helped my Mum with hers.

It took a few days to find out if we'd been accepted, it was to be expected. Then i received an email

''We appreciate your interest, but we are unable to extend an invitation to you to join Merch by Amazon''.

Dreams were crushed in a single second. Now that same day i had a story rejected on Vocal and one of my photos rejected on Getty images one could say i was feeling a bit glum. Oh did i mention that my Mum was accepted too and she was so she should be but she can be happy somewhere else for now anyway.

Obviously the first thing i did was grovel! I emailed trying to figure why they couldn't extend an invitation to me, im great i have so many ideas! My email follows

My name is Willow. I got rejected my Amazon Merch and am saddened by this. I understand you can't accept all applicants but would like to be given the opportunity to reapply and show you i am a worthy candidate.

Reading this back god i sounded desperate, but you do things when your upset, hurt and well feeling rejected! But fear not i went on....

I do want to share with you my content and provide the customers with good quality products as well.

Why did i even bother replying - I have noticed spelling mistakes! and another dosage of neediness!

I didn't mention in my additional information that i wanted to be able to share my content from my Teesprings account and draw in a larger audience as well as advertise through other avenues i have.

As good as i may have thought that was....which it wasn't now i come to read it again. I still got a reply

Thank you for your email. We know it’s disappointing if your application is not accepted. We cannot approve every application and we will not be able to provide specifics on rejected applications as this would compromise our application process.

Once again a little light blow to my hopes and dreams once again (Im sure im not alone in this. But Amazon Merch get better...NOT! They finished my email off with this.

If your application to Merch by Amazon was rejected, there is no path to reapply.

My thoughts were - Well that is abit unfair, what if later in life i would like to apply again different mind, thought process, different ideas. I did try and find a loophole. Now ladies and gentlemen there is one but here's the catch, you need a phone number different to the one you originally used and a new email address too. So i was stumped again and stuck.

How to not be Rejected like me!

After i realised i got rejected i done my research - my rocky error, this is what i should have done before i even looked at the application process

Your Business information

This means getting all the information you will require to help you through the application process first time. You will need.

  • Business contact information - if you have a business this is great if not dont worry but you will need to think of a business name.
  • Your personal information - You can use your name and information if you dont have a company set up or business in place.
  • TIN numbers - This is your tax identification number or in my case National insurance number
  • Bank details - You will need your normal details as well as a BIC code. This can be found on your banking app in account details.
  • Applying and remembering your login details.

    Now you can request your invitation i suggest reading through all information before going onto the page.

    You can get to the website by Clicking here. This will take you to the Amazon Merch homepage if you scroll down you will find the request invitation button - click that.

    You will need an amazon account, if you don't you should create one.

    Now let's go through the process

    Answer every box if possible -

    Page 1 :

    • Country - make sure your country is supported by this service
    • Business name - if you haven't got one still you will need it now.
    • Your address information - City, state, postal code
    • Your phone number - you must have one
    • Business email - I recommend making another email solely for business purposes. Never mix business emails with your personal emails.

    Page 2 :

    This i s where they will ask for your bank details, so make you have them all to hand. Remember - account number, including the address and contact details, BIC code which is with your account details.

    Page 3 :

    Completing your tax interview ( Questionnaire) This is where your TIN number comes in ( or National insurance number).

    Once you have completed this part of the application process correctly, you will now have to fill in the actual form necessary for Merch by Amazon.

    Page 4 :

    They will ask questions about

    • Your Industry type - what do you specialize in
    • Your organization/ business name
    • A request for any additional information to support your application - this is where you really sell your product - what makes yours different/special is it themed?
    • Your website address – if applicable

    The Additional information box

    This is where you make your case as to why Amazon Merch should accept YOU.

    • Provide links where possible to any work you’ve completed or websites you are already designing on. Show them you have experience and talent.
    • Mention how they can make money - Retro styles haven't got a large variety meaning you will attract people in therefore making more money etc.
    • Make sure you clearly display anything of relevance to your application alongside your intentions with the Merch program.

    Double check

    • Check your information
    • Is the spelling all corect?
    • No information left out? - Websites, examples of successful designs, facts and statistics are always welcome.

    Once you double checked, click submit and the waiting game begins.

    Now if you get rejected and followed this i am sorry. But they have their reasons - This could be your idea was already to popular or they didn't see the profit for themselves.

    Remember they are a business who don't have emotions like you or me. They see through the eyes of numbers and profit.

    In my next article i will be explaining what i done next....


    About the Creator

    Willow Peddy

    I am a 24yr old, looking for something in life to bring a spark of excitement and bring back my artistic and imaginative flare :)

    I have strange and crazy dreams and people always tell me to write them down so here goes my dream diary!

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