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Red Soil

Blood, sweat, and tears on the path to freedom

By LokiPublished 9 months ago 7 min read

The ominous and blood-red soil serves as a chilling reminder of a dark and haunting history, suggesting that it may have been formed from the blood of countless soldiers who fell in battle. However, beyond the eerie landscape lies a tale of two brothers who were born into humble beginnings, but would ultimately rise up to become a force to be reckoned with. Their bravery and unwavering determination would shake the invading Sun-kin Empire to its core.

Vel and Kar, two brothers known for their extraordinary courage and unwavering loyalty, were appointed as guards in the local kingdom for their exceptional abilities. With their incredibly strong physique and fearsome reputation, legends even suggest that they were capable of taking down a leopard with their bare hands, a testament to their formidable strength and martial prowess. Their initial task was to protect and serve the king while he went on hunting trips. They were responsible for ensuring the king's safety and providing assistance if needed. Additionally, they provided security for the hunting party, and helped to track and capture any game that was encountered. Soon, the two were among the king's most trusted advisors, wielding great influence within the palace.

Their rapid rise in influence and authority was attributed to their exceptional intelligence, which earned them the position of commanders. Despite their rising power and influence within the Ragin Kingdom, the two brothers knew that they faced a looming threat in the form of the Sunkin Empire. As the empire's demands grew more and more insistent, the kingdom's leaders realized that they needed to take steps to protect themselves and their people from the empire's aggressive expansion.

Vel and Kar, with their fierce loyalty and unparalleled martial prowess, were among the kingdom's most valuable assets in the coming conflict. Their abilities to raise and command armies would be put to the test as they worked to defend their homeland against the empire's relentless onslaught. However, the Sun-kin Empire's fearsome reputation and military might posed a significant challenge, and the brothers knew that they would need to rely on their intelligence and strategic acumen as much as their physical strength in order to emerge victorious.

In the dark of the night, the sunkin empire's deadliest assassins crept into the king's palace, armed with poisoned daggers and silent as shadows. As they made their way to the king's chambers, the assassins knew that failure was not an option. The sun-kin empire had been at odds with the king for years, and this was their chance to strike a fatal blow. When they finally reached the king's bedroom, they found him fast asleep next to his beloved wife. For a moment, the assassins hesitated. They had never killed a queen before, but they knew that she was just as much of a threat as her husband.

With a nod of his head, the lead assassin gave the signal to attack. They struck with deadly precision, their poisoned daggers piercing the king's heart and the queen's throat before they could even scream. As the king and queen took their final breaths, the assassins vanished into the night, leaving behind only chaos and confusion. The people of the kingdom were left to mourn their fallen rulers, and the sun-kin empire rejoiced in their victory. But little did they know that their victory would be short-lived, for the king's other wife Lula and daughter Siga were still alive and well.

In the midst of a challenging and dangerous situation, Chief Minister Ray and the commander brothers demonstrated their leadership and strategic thinking by devising a plan to safely transport the queen and queen's daughter to the nearby Gol Kingdom. They recognized that their lives were in grave danger and that they needed to act quickly to ensure their safety. With this in mind, Chief Minister Ray and the commander brothers assembled a team of trusted advisors and loyal soldiers to help them escort the queen and queen's daughter to the Gol Kingdom. They worked tirelessly to plan every detail of the operation, ensuring that every possible contingency was accounted for.

After a harrowing journey, the queen and queen's daughter finally arrived at the Gol Kingdom, where they were given a warm welcome by the kingdom's leaders and people. Chief Minister Ray and the commander brothers' reputation as skilled leaders and trusted allies had preceded them, and the Gol Kingdom was eager to extend their hospitality and support to those in need. Over the coming days and weeks, the queen and queen's daughter were given shelter, food, and other resources to help them recover from their ordeal. Chief Minister Ray and the commander brothers stayed in close contact with them, offering their guidance and support as they navigated this difficult time.

With Chief Minister Ray's old age catching up with him, he eventually passed away. The responsibility of leading the effort to regain the kingdom from the Evil Empire now fell solely on the shoulders of Vel and Kar, the two brothers who had already proven their valor and leadership abilities. Despite the immense pressure and weight of responsibility, the brothers remained steadfast and resolved to see their mission through to the end. They knew that they had to use all of their knowledge, strength, and intelligence to succeed, and they were determined to do whatever it takes to restore their kingdom to its former glory.

Years are going brothers slowly forming an army of rebellions from their state to attack the empire to dethrone from their state to recapture it political scenario favours the brothers. Sun-kin empire got another threat from powerful rebel king named hidad who wages war with regular basis on empire he supported the brothers with some soldiers. Vel and kar brothers annonced a war against the mighty sun-kin empire

Due to the brothers' large army, the Empire's governor and troops grew scared for their lives and decided to flee the country, leaving the kingdom defenseless. The brothers' army marched towards the capital, their banners flying high, and their war cries echoing across the land. They quickly gained control of the major cities and strategic locations, pushing the Empire's army to the brink of defeat. With their growing army and the support of the people, the brothers claimed victory and regained control of their kingdom.

They established a new government under the queen, working to rebuild their land and restore justice and prosperity to their people. The victory was a testament to their bravery, leadership, and the power of unity. The people celebrated, and the kingdom began a new era of peace and prosperity under the just rule of the brothers.

After the queen's death, her daughter's marriage to a relative was seen as a political move to secure the throne for their family. Although the new king held the formal title, the real power and authority were wielded by Kar and Vel, the two brothers who had helped him ascend to the throne. Kar and Vel were skilled military commanders and astute politicians. They were well-respected by the people and had earned the loyalty of many soldiers and nobles in the kingdom. The new king recognized their value and relied heavily on their advice and guidance.

Under Kar and Vel's leadership, the kingdom flourished. They implemented policies that strengthened the economy, improved infrastructure, and provided greater opportunities for education and social mobility. Their military campaigns were successful in expanding the kingdom's borders and defending against external threats.

The true rulers of the kingdom were not those who held formal titles or positions, but those who possessed the wisdom, courage, and vision to lead their people to a better future.

Kar established his capital city, which served as the kingdom's capital. While Kar was busy establishing and maintaining his kingdom's capital city, Vel was more interested in hunting and outdoor activities. He would often go on long hunting expeditions and spend days away from the kingdom. This left the responsibility of ruling and administration primarily on Kar's shoulders. Despite Vel's lack of interest in ruling, Kar recognized Vel's unique skillset and valued his opinions and judgment, even if they differed from his own.

Together, they were the perfect duo – Kar, the wise and just ruler, and Vel, the fearless and skilled hunter. Their personalities complemented each other and helped maintain the balance of power in the kingdom.

However, as fate would have it, their peaceful reign was about to be challenged by a force greater than any of them could have anticipated. A storm was brewing, and it was approaching their kingdom fast. Would Kar and Vel be able to weather this storm together, or would their bond be tested like never before?

To be continued

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  • Navanithe9 months ago

    Good one, keep writing.

  • Aerious9 months ago

    Hi Loki, Thanks for subscribing to my channel. I like your story.

  • Daynah Rose9 months ago

    So immersive, great story! Can't wait for the next instalment.

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