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By LokiPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

1. A help rendered in hour of need - Though small is greater than the world.

Even if the act is small it can make a significant difference to the person receiving the help.

The phrase "greater than the world" emphasizes the immense value and impact of such acts.

Recognize the power of even the smallest gestures of kindness and to be willing to help others whenever we can, as even the smallest act can make a world of difference to someone in need.

2. Learning is wealth none could destroy - Nothing else gives genuine joy.

This quote highlights the value and importance of education and personal growth. The first part of the quote suggests that knowledge is a form of wealth that cannot be taken away or destroyed, highlighting the lasting benefits of education.

The second part of the quote emphasizes the joy and fulfillment that comes from learning and personal growth, which cannot be replicated by material possessions or other external factors.

Together, these two statements encourage us to prioritize and invest in our own personal and intellectual development, recognizing the inherent value and joy that comes from learning and expanding our knowledge and skills.

3. Though harsh you speak in one's presence Abuse is worse in his absence.

This quote underscores the importance of treating others with decency and empathy, even in difficult or challenging situations.

The first part of the quote suggests that speaking harshly to someone in their presence may be unpleasant, but it is still better than speaking badly about them behind their back.

The second part of the quote highlights the destructive nature of gossip and negative talk, emphasizing the importance of avoiding such behaviors to maintain positive relationships and a good reputation.

Together, these two statements serve as a reminder to prioritize kindness, respect, and integrity in our interactions with others, even in challenging situations. By doing so, we can build strong, healthy relationships and foster a culture of positivity and goodwill.

4.Think and act; to act and then to think is folly.

This quote emphasizes the importance of thoughtful decision-making and planning before taking action. It suggests that it is unwise to act impulsively without considering the potential consequences of our actions.

The first part of the quote encourages us to engage in critical thinking and reflection before taking action. It highlights the importance of analyzing a situation, considering various options and potential outcomes, and making an informed decision based on careful consideration.

The second part of the quote suggests that acting impulsively without thoughtful consideration can lead to negative consequences. It implies that taking action without first thinking through the potential outcomes is a foolish and potentially harmful approach.

Together, these statements underscore the value of thoughtful decision-making, planning, and execution in all aspects of life. By taking the time to think before acting, we can make more informed and responsible decisions that are more likely to lead to positive outcomes.

5. Punish an evil-doer by shaming him; when a good deed and forget.

This quote highlights the power of forgiveness and kindness as a means of addressing harm caused by others. It suggests that the most effective way to punish those who have wronged us is not through revenge or retaliation, but through acts of kindness and compassion.

The first part of the quote suggests that punishment can still be appropriate in response to harmful actions, but the punishment should be aimed at shaming the wrongdoer rather than inflicting harm upon them. By responding to harmful actions with kindness, we can demonstrate that we will not be brought down to the level of those who seek to harm us.

The second part of the quote emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and letting go of grudges. By showing kindness and compassion even to those who have wronged us, we can release the burden of anger and resentment that can weigh us down and prevent us from living fully and freely.

Together, these statements encourage us to respond to harmful actions with compassion and forgiveness, recognizing that it is only through kindness and understanding that we can create a better world for ourselves and others.


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  • Aerious9 months ago

    Hi Loki, May i know how add the pics in the middle of the story ?

  • Michele Hardy9 months ago

    Very interesting quotes and your takes on what they mean. Thank you for sharing.

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