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Read it When You Can't Take it Anymore

Relying on the mountain will fall, relying on people will run, only their own most reliable.

By BobbyPublished 9 months ago 5 min read
Read it When You Can't Take it Anymore
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  1、 Relying on the mountain will fall, relying on people will run, only their own most reliable.

  2、No one walks with you for life, so you have to adapt to loneliness, no one will help you for life, so you have to fight for life.

  3、Instead of regretting today with tears, you should fight for today with sweat.

  4、When the tears are gone, what remains should be strong.

  5, life is like a cup of coffee without sugar, drink it is bitter, but the aftertaste will not recede for a long time.

  6, there is a margin, after letting go of the landscape, there is a heart, adhere to the party now sincere.

  7, choose what you love, love what you choose.

  8, this second does not give up, the next second there will be hope.

  9、Don't forget what you once had, cherish what you can't get, don't give up what belongs to you, don't ask for what doesn't belong to you, and keep what you've lost as memories.

  10、Like it should be cherished, cherish it, do not give up.

  11, life is a trip, do not care about the destination, care should be the scenery along the way and the mood to see the scenery.

  12、Do not seek to compare with others but seek to surpass themselves, to cry tears of excitement, to laugh at the character of growth.

  13, for your sad and happy, is the enemy, for your happy and happy is the friend, for your sad and sad is your confidant.

  14、If you love, please love deeply; if not, please leave.

  The first sentence "people are forced out". Everyone is potential, born in peace and happiness, and dies in worry, so when faced with pressure, do not be anxious, maybe this is just a little test of life for you, belief in yourself, everything can be handled, forced a good man can be on the mountain, the times create heroes, the poor think about change, people only pressure will be motivated. As long as there is hope in the heart of existence, there is happiness exists.

  The second sentence: "If you are simple, the world will be simple for you". Simple life to live happily, people should be self-sufficient, generous, anything can not think complicated, the mind's load is heavy, it will complain about the sky. To regularly delete a memory, the unpleasant people and things from the memory to reject,

  The third sentence: "There is no rehearsal in life, every day is a live broadcast. Occasionally think, if life is really like a video game, play bad can choose to start over, what will life become? Because the passage of time never returns, each day is irrecoverable, so it is more important to cherish every inch of time, filial piety to parents, love children, considerate lovers, and treat friends well.

  The fourth sentence: "pregnant is like pregnant, time will let people see". People, do not think you are, the earth will turn without anyone, throughout the ages, bullying and reckless people have no good end. Therefore, even if you are capable, you must remain modest and cautious, and do your own thing, is always shining gold.

  The fifth sentence: "In the past, a thousand cups of wine to know less, now a thousand cups of wine to know less". Not very alcoholic, can not experience the deliciousness of wine but can feel the wonderfulness of a friend. Life without friends is lonely and incomplete, but because of the busy life, gradually less contact, friendship has become light, so take some time to contact friends to chat together, so that friendship in the laughter rises, when friends encounter a problem, must remember to come forward, even if it does not help, comfort is the greatest support.

  The sixth sentence: "life if the wrong direction, stop is progress. People, it is always difficult to correct their shortcomings, people, it is also always difficult to find their own mistakes, sometimes, knowing that they are wrong, but the desire to stop, a mistake, grasp the right direction, adhere to their principles, the world's temptations are many, the sky will never fall pie, do not pay a painful price because of the desire for a moment of pleasure, if you find the wrong, must stop.

  The seventh sentence: "The two great tragedies of life: one is a million thoughts, one is hesitant". Modern people seem to be particularly vulnerable, the newspaper reports every day many celebrities get depression, and these people must be from one extreme to another extreme. It is because they are full of ambition that they are convinced that they are perfect and omnipotent, and if they suffer a little setback, they will become extremely inferior and even lose the courage to continue living. Find an accurate position for yourself and enjoy life.

  Eighth sentence: "Life is the same as love, if you miss love, you miss life". What is love? It's a good idea to be at a loss for what to do and to be mesmerized by it. When facing love, be brave and speak your love boldly, pick the flowers you want to pick and don't wait until they are empty. People, there will always be old age, sickness, and death, how to live a lifetime, miss the love missed the wonderful life.

  The ninth sentence: "The world's rich people finally become a family". In modern society, people are becoming more and more snobbish, and love is becoming more and more insignificant, so I have to believe that "the world's rich people are finally married" is the most accurate description of modern love.

  The tenth sentence: "To succeed, you need friends, to achieve great success, you need enemies". There is a competition to develop, because of the existence of enemies, because there is a determination not to lose, will try to do their own thing, so sometimes, the enemy is more powerful than friends, there is no permanent enemy, but there is a permanent friend, some times, the enemy can also become a friend.


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