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Mindset Determines Success Or Failure

As we all know, a good mindset is crucial for a person and an essential factor for an optimistic life. Only when we have a good mindset will we be able to develop well.

By BobbyPublished 9 months ago 4 min read
Mindset Determines Success Or Failure
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  As we all know, a good mindset is crucial for a person and an essential factor for an optimistic life. Only when we have a good mindset will we be able to develop well. However, when it comes to the word mindset, the more we talk about it, the more vulgar it seems, and in a sense, it seems extraordinarily narrow. These are the two mindsets that are commonly known - optimism and negativity. When they are each in the dominant position in life, will give us a different life unfold.

  A person with an optimistic mindset, his life is undoubtedly full of laughter. Such a person must live a colorful life! From the point of view of an optimistic person, it is not that his life is free of sorrows and frustrations, but they are used to turning grief into strength. Constantly improve themselves, every breakthrough is a miracle they create because they learn how to find happiness. On the contrary, negative-minded people, in their world, always complicate simple things and lack self-confidence. Every time they encounter a setback, they become fearful, facing difficulties but never finding a breakthrough, and the development of panic will take over the whole mind, and several collapses. The former and the latter form a stark contrast. In the work, different two mindsets in the face of the same thing, the situation will be very different, the latter in the efficiency of the work will be greatly reduced. On the contrary, why don't we be optimistic people?

  After saying so many points, it seems to be a bit abstract. Let's start with me!

  I still vaguely remember those images, it's been six months ago. I was still a trainee who had not yet graduated, and I was undoubtedly full of excitement and expectation for those who were about to step into the workplace. I thought that the Lanzhou-Yu project department would be the place where I would work every day for the past six months. Often, it was not what I expected.

  In the beginning, the Planning and Coordination Department was the place where I worked and studied every day. When I was faced with those tedious drawings, contract documents, bidding documents, and all kinds of accounts, I felt special pressure. I felt pressure, and I was always worried that I would not be able to learn, and I had very complicated feelings. With time, when the desire for knowledge spread deep inside me, my heart struggled without trying to find a solution. This mentality took a serious toll on me, and in less than two months, I made many mistakes I shouldn't have made, losing contracts, substandard quality, low productivity, sloppiness, frequent mistakes, and dropping things, creating a vicious cycle. If things went on like this, I would be at a disadvantage everywhere in my life, not only would I be inefficient at work, but I would also feel particularly tired, and I would also feel so stuck in life. Shortly afterward, I was transferred from the planning and cooperation department to the construction site to do information. Due to the urgent situation, the data clerk who handed it over to me only made a simple handover hastily. I couldn't understand what she was talking about and only recorded what I thought was important. Every time, meet the inspection, the leader is always asked to rectify a large amount of information, make up for the previous information, and deal with the internal and external chores. Under the pressure of such work, I was under a lot of pressure in my heart, and the idea of "I must understand" was firmly rooted in my heart. I felt that my tired body could not support me anymore, but I was still persevering and did not want to give up. Because I firmly believe that one day I will see the achievement. A week passed, and my efforts were not in vain. I finally finished organizing the information that needed to be rectified. Although I feel very fortunate, I feel that this kind of life is very full and happy.

  A good mindset is extremely important for a person, especially for interns and trainees who have just entered society. At the moment of integrating into the social family, we all shoulder our share of responsibility, because there is too much knowledge to be absorbed and mastered. A good attitude will be strong support for us to overcome difficulties and move forward.

  Finally, I hope we can all have a good mindset, erase the negative side of our hearts, and enjoy the numerous beauties in life!


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