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by Intern Alluvium 2 years ago in product review
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ParaCOVID Kit To The Rescue

COVID 19 has been getting very hard on people and their businesses with the risks of getting infected with the disease. With more than 6.28 Lakh active cases in India, the fear is getting on everyone’s nerves. People are restricting themselves from going out or even resuming their businesses because of the high chances of catching the virus. Since the situation is getting worse, the government announced several lock-downs in the country, due to which many businesses had themselves on hold. Now after the unlock, people have started to resume their daily lives but in a different way. They are ought to adapt to the new environment with precautions and safeties. We all know that no one would be able to function just like before. It is a slow process for the nation and its people both to get back on track after this longest lockdown period. With businesses and lives resuming, it is our duty to make sure to keep ourselves protected, safe, and well equipped to prevent the spread of this disease.

Keeping this need in mind, and to support the resuming of the market, we have come up with our ParaCOVID Kit, which is made especially for you to take all necessary preventive measures without having it affect your business and daily lives. This ParaCOVID Kit includes 5 amazing products, namely-

Printed Warning Tapes

These printed Red and Yellow tapes have warning messages written on them for the public to keep a distance between one another and stay behind the marked lines. The tapes have warnings such as “Maintain Distance” and “Please Keep A Distance Of 2 Meters”. These Printed Warning Tapes will ensure that the people are well informed and are keeping the required distance while in public areas or at workplaces.

Ultra-Durable Floor Marking Tapes

Along with the warning reminders, it is important to mark the floors for the people to make them stand at their designated spots only, at a distance from each other. These ultra-durable Floor Marking Tapes would help you mark specific areas or spots as a measure of prevention from the COVID disease.

Anti-Slip Stair Markers

As we support the continuation of your business after the lockdown situation, it is important that the people are working safe and fine and have a comfortable working environment. Keeping this in mind, we have the Anti-Slip tapes to add to your stairs and ensure a balanced and safe working environment for the workers and your, these tapes have friction that will prevent you from slipping off the stairs and hence will reduce the chances of injuries.

Magic Key

This key worked exactly like its name! This all-in-one key is made for contactless operations at the worksite and day-to-day functioning. It is a multi-utility key, made for you to prevent you from touching the daily spots and things in your daily routine. Such as the door locks and knobs, the opening of the bottles, door handles, and all the daily necessity spots. It is a magic key that will help you function perfectly alongside the risky COVID environment, without having to touch the infected areas. This contactless key can also be attached to your Id Cards or your Car keys for easy accessibility.


What is safety without information? These COVID Placards are all you need to keep everyone around you, including yourself well informed about the necessary preventive measures of Coronavirus Disease. These 5 Placards have messages and reminders to keep washing your hands, caution signs, avoid touching your nose and eyes, and all the important information you will need to prevent the communication with the disease.

We have come up with these 5 products keeping every possible COVID 19 preventive measure in mind for you to function and get going with your daily lives. These 5 products in this ParaCOVID Kit come in handy for you and will surely help you with the ongoing pandemic. We support the growth of you and your business environment and hence have made out this kit with all the products for prevention of Corona Virus Disease.

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