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Oscar Man

Oscar Man, musician AR Rahman is arguably one of the billionaires

By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Start writing... Early 90s. Ilayaraja was the uncrowned king. Bollywood bigwigs were watching the musician, who was composing more than twenty films a year, raise his eyebrows.Despite the new music and new background, there was an emptiness in the Tamil film industry. Mani Ratnam alias Mani Char, one of the best directors in Tamil, was looking for a new composer due to his resentment towards Ilayaraja.On the one hand, Vairamuthu, the emperor who bound the people of Tamil Nadu with his lines, left the music sage for the same reason. Thus Unable to write a song, Cactus Epic Man waited with worries about the future and a handful of words. At last that time also came.The only question everyone asked when Mani Ratnam's Roja movie poster came out was who is Raghuman? That's it. Composed for commercials Raghuman started composing music for the first film. Vairamuthu's waiting virgin Tamil broke the bonds and came out with the speed of the exiting forest and the thrilling love juice.At a time when new composers were coming and going, the song "New White Rain" proved to be Raghuman's winning horse. The story in every frame of Mani Ratnam Roja became a huge hit with its eloquence, Raghuman's music and Vairamuthu's songs. The three stood together and took a photo. That intimacy continues to this day Accumulated opportunities; Time was rewarding for over-ambition and endurance. Lots of pictures. Raghuman has set foot in the Hindi screen world.Subsequent hits. Rangeela gave Raghuman the biggest fan base in Hindi. Mani Ratnam was waiting with a new story in Tamil. The name is Bombay.Thus Raghuman joined hands with the leading directors of Tamil Nadu. To this end, his 1997 album Vande Mataram is still being murmured by youngsters.Village residence; City-centric story. Man, who is a part of the modern world, took Raghuman by the hand and took him to the wet land where saffron smells.It was rumored that Raghuman had a chance after the separation of his childhood friends Ilayaraja and Bharathiraja.I know western music and I know how to make music with the bells of cows.Bharathiraja's trademark image in the East. Raghuman tore up the gossips and hung up. Oscar Man ; In 2008, he composed and released the film Slumdog Millionaire, which won him the Oscar in 2009, the biggest award in the film industry. Soundtrack and "Jay Ho"The awards were presented for the song. Receiving the Oscar award, in Tamil as "All praise be to God"Listening to his words, the Tamil-speaking world sniffed him and made him happy. He won two Oscars and took India's fame to the pinnacle In addition, the film won the 2008 "Golden Globe "Awards and the "Papada" Awards. He is also the first Indian to receive this award.Album ; A.R. Raghuman has not only released films but also albums. In 1989, he released his debut album, Teen Music Evening. 1997,Vande Mataram, released in the year, took him to the pinnacle of fame. It also earned him a separate place in the minds of the fans. So far The non-cinema album released in India is said to be the highest selling in the music world. Then, India, Hong Kong, USA, Africa The album "Infinite Love" which was taken from countries with children has become a worldwide hit. He has composed albums like 'Jana Kana Mana', 'Ignited Minds', 'Maa Duje Salaam' (Hello Mom - in Tamil) and many more.Other Awards:Padma Bhushan, India's largest award Indira Gandhi National Unity Award.Padmasree Award Lawrence Oliver Award Tamil Nadu Film Award Malaysian Award Stanford University Special Award. Golden Globe Award Rural Award.With music, A.R. Raghuman. He has no one who is mesmerized by music Today, this music storm is the only music composer to have won more national awards in the whole of India.

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