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The Benefits of the Vocal Model For Readers and Writers

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

This story / article is just about something that I have just noticed on Vocal , although it was in plain sight since the day I joined and it’s a bit like the analogy in Football that you never notice a really good referee.

Vocal is advertisement free. Now when you go on other platforms such as Facebook , YouTube , Instagram and Twitter you are constantly hit with advertisements, and really you should not be too bothered because that, too a great extent , is how they fund their operations.

Commercial TV platforms such as ALL4 and ITV play ads when you watch programs but give you the option of paying to upgrade to “ad free”, but again that is how they fund their operations.

Other Streaming channels such as Amazon Prime and Netflix do not carry advertisements because your premium covers their costs , however Sky Channels on my paid for Virgin subscription carry adverts , so I feel I am paying twice and being taken advantage of.

Vocal does not carry ads and has the option of being free , and for most members that is enough, but is a brilliant reading environment. Part of Vocal’s income comes from the Vocal+ subscriptions where for ten dollars a month (two glasses of wine or expensive coffees) and the benefit for members is higher payments, lower withdrawal levels and the option of entering competitions which have some impressive prizes. I am a Vocal+ member and feel that it is worth the monthly subscription from me.

Vocal has helped me write more and also focused a lot of my posting , and I really did not expect this to happen when I dropped into writing for Vocal. This is my first post in April this year and if this is accepted and published this will be my 40th post on Vocal in around two months.

I do have a standard format to my post , and though I said there is no advertising my posts often carry links to buy products that are related to what I am actually writing about and you will see this in quite a lot of posts. I also like to start my stories with a relevant piece of music, and my Playing for PRIDE was a playlist with every song illustrated by a YouTube link so that people could read or listen and it is my most read story so far on Vocal. The only slight issue with that is sometimes videos are removed from YouTube for one reason or another so there is a risk that you will be left with blanks in your story.

So although there are no pop up adverts on here I have linked to versions of "Sailing" by The Sutherland Brothers and Rod Stewart and if you were to click though and buy a copy I would get a few pennies for that.

But the point of this post is that Vocal , as well as being a great environment to share your writing, is also a great environment to enjoy online reading , and I always read five or six articles while I am on Vocal, but it would be great to know who was enjoying your writing but at the moment you can only let people know if they have contact details on their Vocal profile , but I believe that may be coming in Vocal.

Vocal provides lots of resources which you can hopefully see on this link here to help you with your writing.

So what piece of music should accompany this piece, so I searched YouTube for songs about selling and the first one that came up was “Sailing” by Rod Stewart, a fine song but not as good as the original by the Sutherland Brothers , so that is what we will go with. No doubt when this is published I will think of something more appropriate but that is life for us.

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  • Mother Combs9 months ago

    That's one of the things I liked about vocal when I was looking for a platform.

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