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My Writers Block

Some Things To Look Forward To Despite Some Gripes

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
To Guide Us

This is the nearest thing I have to writers block. The next eight days will see a lot of me not being on Facebook, and part of that worries me slightly. Because I am not interacting most people won’t say “Where’s Mike” it will just be I don’t exist any more. If I never posted again people would not notice.

That is people in general , before joining Vocal I had about 350 Facebook friends and just interacted with a few. Since I joined Vocal it’s now up to 600 FB friends , which means they all may see what I post and not just in the Vocal groups.

I know there are about ten Vocal friends who would miss me and we are in touch on Messenger so they will know where I am.

I think my main bother is equating Vocal posting to my actual existence, but again only about two or three of my non Vocal friends take an interest in my Vocal posting.

This story may seem like a bit of a downer, I will miss my Facebook interactions with my Facebook friends although there are virtually no close vocal friends in the UK , there are a few friends but interacting is very infrequent to zero , and in my conversations with Vocal friends I have to remember they are five or six hours behind me.

There are certain things that knock me back , like looking at Vocal Top Stories and seeing some pieces that are hardly worth reading. Usually the Top Stories are excellent but you get a feeling somebody knows somebody when some are added. I know that will never be me no matter how good my stories are.

Similarly I saw somebody had liked and commented positively a piece of link bombing advertising how to make $4K a month on medium. I clicked through and the article literally was a couple of lines saying post every day and this will generate a residual income that could get up to the amount listed earlier. Is there no limit on the length of a Medium post?

However the reality is that I get some stunning feedback on my posts in the vocal groups , if these people were Top Story moderators on Vocal I would be frankly embarrassed by the number of Top Stories I would get, but I shouldn’t let it bother me but it does, though more for the rubbish ones that I see rather than me not getting in there.

I also have a horrible demon inside me that when I see people in the Vocal Facebook groups pushing a positive upbeat theme asking for people to contribute I I think “I shouldn’t do that , people don’t want me spoiling their good mood” or “Don’t post , you know you will never be good enough for them” and that is backed up by my Vocal Invisibility, but it is a totally idiotic attitude to have and I get over it , share something and generally get some great responses.

I’m amazed I have written this , given I have nothing to write about. I also need a piece of music to lead on this and I have been listening to a lot of Lindisfarne and maybe “Clear White Light” would be suitable because although I have listed a lot of downs in this , I have so many more ups , and even getting this out of my system has made me feel ready to write a lot more , in the coming week , though lots will be on my phone then transferred to Vocal when I am back on my computer.

If you have stuck through this , I am sorry if it’s been down at times , but I am in a positive frame of mind , and if things go to plan maybe 2022 will be an unexpectedly amazing year for me and someone else.


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