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By Katherine NesbittPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read

I create my happiness when I write in my memory journal. A pair of Fiskars scissors and some washi tape along with a few photos is enough to capture any moment in time. I write about my family, holidays, and vacations. I have a condition that could lead to memory loss so my memories are very important to me.

I love to write, and there’s just something about the blank pages of a notebook coming to life into a story right before your eyes that’s magical. I love using a ruler to draw out my lines and picking a gel pen to scribble out my thoughts. I explore my memories, thoughts and feelings through my writing.

I’ll try to save little reminders, like the menu from a unique restaurant, or a map from where we were that day. I include a lot of photos; a selfie, a picture of the building or a unique photo, shot on location. I always go back and look through my memory journal if I’m having a bad day or simply want to reminisce.

My mother has boxes of photos of our family throughout the years and I’ve been able to include some of them in my journal. I look back and remember things about the pictures and love seeing how much everyone has changed. I also smile when I come across a photo of someone who is no longer with us. I want their memory to live on and be able to share their legacy with my future children someday.

In a sense, I’ve created a family heirloom and a tradition. I hope that I do have kids and they’ll love to write as much as I do. With iPhones and Instagram, I take pictures everywhere I go. If I’m at the nail salon with my brother, or having dinner with my husband, or just hanging out with friends and family, it’s all been perfectly preserved online for me to access. I often go back and print little 4x4 pictures for journaling.

The pictures really bring my journal to life. It’s one thing to talk about going to the fair every year but it takes it to another level when you see the pictures taken throughout the years. I look forward to it every year. I love fair food, monster trucks, and motor cross. I love looking at the artwork, and special exhibits in the coliseum. They sell unusual things that you can’t find in stores. I own two lamps that I bought about three years back that are perfect for my decor.

Halloween is another big tradition in my family. Every year since I can remember I’ve dressed up. I met my husband in 2006 and we started going to Halloween parties with our friends. We have this running joke that it wouldn’t be Halloween if we didn’t get lost looking for the party and end up at the wrong house. On two separate occasions we have actually walked into the wrong house and stayed for a moment before realizing we were at the wrong party. The people were really nice about it and even offered us drinks.

These pictures document my life. They are photos of friends, places we’ve been and, most importantly, my memories. As I get older I care more about my memories than planning a new adventure. Most of our next adventures involve things like going to weddings and family reunions. Visiting our family that is older and in poor health is higher up on my bucket list than foreign travels. I want to remember every birthday, holiday, and anniversary.

Recently, I printed off about 25 family photos for my Aunt who lives out of state. I wrote who was in it, the date, and what we were doing so she can start her own photo journal. With a lot of people in my family going through Alzheimers I feel even more compelled to keep my journal. I don’t want to forget the moments that mean the most.


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Katherine Nesbitt

I write social commentary in the forms of novels, poetry, short stories, satire, speeches, and will be releasing a poetry audiobook.

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