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My New Vocal for 2024


By KJ AartilaPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 2 min read
Top Story - January 2024
My New Vocal for 2024
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This is from the first day of taking part in a self-imposed, but guided challenge. These are timed challenges, designed to get in touch with your creativity quickly and write from feel and imagination – basically, exercises in free-writing and word associations to better get in touch with your own senses. They are raw exercises and importance is placed on stopping when the timer goes off – even is your sentence or word in unfinished.

The challenges consist of four periods each of fourteen days. Each challenge period consists of exercises covering a different topic. They are Object Writing, Metaphor, Object Writing with Metaphor and Writing in Rhythm and Rhyme.

This perspective is geared toward writing lyrics, but is beneficial to developing any form of creative writing from poetry to prose. I am not personally a writer of lyrics. However, I do enjoy good lyrics and am a writer, so I look forward to taking part in the possibility of developing my craft.

This is only Day #1 of eight weeks of exercises, so I cannot yet speak of its value, but I am looking forward to seeing where it takes me. It’s based on a book by Pat Patterson called “Song-writing without Boundaries.” It appeals to me as a writer, and if you would like more information, or to join in the challenges along with me (I would love an accountability friend!), please DM me.

This is part of my Vocal goal of posting every day (M – F) of 2024! This is just the beginning, but important for getting off to a strong start!

I also have a book of Creative Writing exercises to continue after this, a couple of books in the works and a novella completed. My intention is to post those in the Chapters community and to continue to build my catalog, as well as to continue to build my writing skills.

The exercises each take only sixteen-and-a-half minutes. My intention is to complete them every morning and publish them here, hopefully seeing improvement!


Day 1/14

“WHAT” Writing

5 minutes – “sky”

The campfire flickers in mt peripheral view as I jump into the night sky. The moonbeam leads me to the North Star so I can slide down the Milky Way to get caught up safely in Orion’s strong arms. I take a ride upon his arrow to another brilliant star, feeling the cool breeze of the Universe speaking to my face.

10 minutes – “crash”

I fall through the stars and night sky, nearly crashing to the ground before a firefly catches me for a ride over the grasses of meadow in the dark. My tears of fright glistened in the firelight before the buzzing beetle stopped my inevitable crushing of spirit and bone. I nearly died, but now I can continue to dream. I felt my relieved breath restart the beating of my heart. And the warmth of the flames returning me from numbness.

90 seconds – “lily pad”

Green guilds the murky surface of the pond, hiding the variant life that captures the imagina

Thank you for reading (yes, I know this is unfinished - it's supposed to be.)


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