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My Adventures As A Pizza Delivery Driver

by Rhonda Farley 4 years ago in criminals

I got robbed at gun point while delivering pizza.

Once I arrived at my customer’s location, or what I thought was my customer’s location, I got the order out of my car and proceeded to the front door. I rang the door-bell. After a few seconds, nobody came to the door. I then knocked on the door. Still nobody was at the front door. I put the food down on the front porch and walked to my car to get my cell phone so I could notify the customer that I was at their location and was on their front porch.

The customer answered the phone and I said, "this is," and stated my name, and that I was from, stated where that I worked and that I was there to deliver their food to them. I heard a voice saying on the other end of the line that they were around in the back of the house. I said okay, and proceeded to walk around to the back of the house with my pizza order.

Once I was slightly around the side of the house, I saw an African American minor male. I proceeded to hand him the two-liter soda that they had supposedly ordered. He took the soda from me and acted like he was going to open the back door and go inside with the soda. All of a sudden, another African American older male was walking towards me pointing a pistol at me.

I stood still in fear. I had no idea if this guy had intentions of shooting me or what he had on his mind. The man with the pistol quickly moved around the back of me and held the pistol to the back of my neck and robbed me, taking my driver’s license, keys, and cash that was in my pockets, while he told the other male to go rob the car, telling me to be quiet the whole time, repeatedly saying to me, "Give me all your money! Where’s your money? Give me the money!

After the two African American males robbed myself and my car, they took off running on foot, through the backyard to where I was at. After I realized that they were both running the other way, I frantically ran the other way to get into my car. At this point, the two African American males had taken my cash that I had, which was not much, my driver’s license, my cell phone, and my car keys!

Pure panic had set in. I frantically got out of my car and ran as fast I could (I felt like I was in a horror movie being filmed in terror running through the yard) over to one of the neighbor’s houses. When I got to their front porch, I was knocking on their front door as hard as I could yelling help me! A couple opened the door and I told them what had just happened and they dialed 911 for me.

The police arrived within minutes and called in a K-9 unit but nothing was found. The officers were going to have my car impounded, after they finished their investigation, so I called my Spouse for help, he had to call a locksmith to come to the car to get a car key made. Since then, an officer had called me to ask if I could do a line-up on the suspects, I said yes, and I have not heard back from the police department as of yet.

As for being okay, I guess that will come back in time.

Rhonda Farley
Rhonda Farley
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Rhonda Farley

I work part-time delivering pizzas for Papa Johns. I love to spend my days off from work cooking, baking, or trying any new recipe. I also love to spend days painting. I love spending time with family and friends and both of my pets.

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