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Most Influential People "kissed my a**" - Donald Trump

From Rags to Riches - How They Actually Succeed

By SweetosPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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Former US President Donald Trump has said that Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey and other influential figures who wrote to him ''kissed my a**''. Mr. Trump made the claim while promoting a new book of private letters sent to him by public personalities.

You may wonder that this type of behavior is the secret to success, others know that it takes much more than flattery to achieve greatness.

Oprah Winfrey is a household name and one of the most successful women in the world. She is an American media executive, talk show host, television producer, actress, and philanthropist. Oprah's rise to fame and fortune is a story that has captivated audiences around the world. From humble beginnings, Oprah has become one of the most influential women in the world. The secret to her success is the...

Law of Attraction

It is a philosophy that states that positive thoughts bring positive outcomes into your life. The Law of Attraction is based on the belief that your thoughts and emotions create your reality. If you think positively, you will attract positive outcomes, and if you think negatively, you will attract negative outcomes.

Oprah has been an advocate of the Law of Attraction for years, and she attributes her success to the power of positive thinking.

Oprah was born in poverty in rural Mississippi in 1954. She grew up in a small house with her mother and grandmother. Oprah had a difficult childhood, but she was determined to make something of herself. She became a successful student and won a full scholarship to Tennessee State University. After college, she worked as a news anchor and talk show host in Nashville and Baltimore before landing her own talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, in 1986.

The Oprah Winfrey Show became a cultural phenomenon, and Oprah became one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry. She built a media empire that included her own television network, a magazine, and a production company. Oprah is now worth an estimated $2.7 billion, making her one of the wealthiest women in the world.

So how did Oprah achieve all this success?

According to Oprah, it all comes down to the Law of Attraction. Oprah believes that if you focus on what you want, you will attract it into your life. She has said, "Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work."

Oprah's success is a testament to the power of positive thinking. She has used the Law of Attraction to attract success into her life, and she continues to inspire millions of people around the world to do the same. Oprah's story is a reminder that no matter where you come from or what your circumstances are, you can achieve your dreams if you believe in yourself and stay focused on your goals.

In conclusion

Oprah Winfrey's success secret is the Law of Attraction. She has used the power of positive thinking to achieve incredible success in her life, and she continues to inspire people around the world to do the same. Oprah's story is a reminder that with hard work, determination, and a positive attitude, anything is possible. So if you want to achieve success in your life, start by focusing on what you want and believe that you can achieve it.


Oprah Winfrey is not the only person who has used the Law of Attraction to achieve success. There are many successful people who attribute their success to the power of positive thinking. For example, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all spoken about how they have used the Law of Attraction to achieve their goals.

Jim Carrey, The famous comedian and actor, is a strong believer in the Law of Attraction. He has said that he wrote himself a $10 million check when he was broke and struggling in Hollywood, and within a few years, he had earned that amount for his work in movies. Will Smith, another successful actor and producer, has spoken about how he used the Law of Attraction to manifest the role of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which launched his career.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilder turned actor turned politician, is also a believer in the Law of Attraction. He has said that he used visualization and positive affirmations to help him become a world champion bodybuilder, a successful actor, and the governor of California.

These examples show that the Law of Attraction is not just a philosophy, but a powerful tool that can help anyone achieve their goals. By focusing on what they want and believing that they can achieve it, these successful people have been able to attract success into their lives. Oprah Winfrey is just one of many examples of people who have used the Law of Attraction to achieve incredible success in their lives.

Thankyou for reading, and If you're still in doubt about the law of attraction then, I recommend you to read this -

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