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Looking for Microsoft Consulting Services? Check out this step-by-step guide

Microsoft Consulting Services Partner

By Integrative SystemsPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Are you planning to hire a Microsoft technology partner to fulfill your business needs? Do you want to make the most out of the technology and boost organizational growth? Or are you deciding to hire Microsoft Consulting Services? Then, this definitive guide is for you.

If you are a business leader or CIO or CTO and deciding on investing in Microsoft Technology to grow your business, then you must consider a strategic approach to accomplish the same. Understanding crucial aspects that directly hamper business growth is one of the significant processes.

As Microsoft provides a large pool of products and services, that allow businesses to achieve their goals and increase ROI, one must have a 360-degree overview before implementing the same. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Let us understand the things to consider before selecting the firm providing Microsoft Professional Services.

How to select the best Microsoft Consulting Services Partner for your business?

1. Ensure Technical Expertise: When selecting from multiple alternatives, organizations need to be very keen. The first thing to look out for is expertise in the domain. Businesses must look for those providers having robust mechanisms to manage all the technical aspects related to the business.

2. Ensure Expertise, Trust, and Authority: Enterprises must go for the service provider who has proven their ability in delivering excellent service. This can check by screening the vendors’ portfolios. It consists of checking their project accomplishments, no. of years they are in the industry, testimonials, and so on. Other than that, different policies regarding service compliance could be assessed.

3. Ensure Security Practices: Safety and security concerns are at the top when it comes to organizational processes. Since data is of utmost importance and creates essential in the business decision-making process, its proactive protection is crucial. Hence, evaluating security management practices becomes a mandatory step before finalizing the Microsoft Solutions Provider.

4. Ensure Support Services: Maintenance and support are the two parts that decide the service quality and hence customer satisfaction. Without them, no service is complete. If your Microsoft Consulting Services Provider, has a proven track record of effective assistance and ensures you the same then it is the go-to situation. The support services from vendors include administrative support, configuration support, technical assistance, training, and so on.

What are the Levels of Microsoft Consulting Partners?

Microsoft certifies its partners in two main categories:

1. Gold

2. Silver.

These are basically levels showing how adept they are in providing those services. It ensures the standards for the source organizations. Let us understand the levels briefly.

1. Silver Partner: Microsoft rewards a firm as a silver partner firm which proves its competencies in providing Microsoft Services. It covers training, quality of delivery, and a credible history of offering better aid.

2. Gold Partner: A gold partner firm is one and the same as above, but the mapping criteria are more inclusive. It will encompass rigorous verification. The deciding parameters for both are- Application & Infrastructure, Business Applications, Data & AI, and Modern Workplace & Security.

Above are the steps that firms must follow before choosing their Microsoft technology partner. This will not only make the implementation of the services, effective but increase the ROI.

Now, let us look at some of the significant reasons related to hiring Microsoft Consulting Partners.

Why must businesses go for Microsoft Consulting Partners?

Since Microsoft is the second most sought-after company in the technology niche, in the world, it has everything to offer your business. But making the most out of it requires specialized efforts. And this is where the role of Microsoft Consultants emerges.

The following are the advantages of collaborating with firms providing Microsoft Professional Services:

1. Reduced Costs: Investments in technology solutions demand heavier budgets before and after the actual implementation. But this is not the case with Microsoft Service Providers. As there is much more focus on customization, the organization can experience cost-cutting across business processes.

2. Effective Resource Utilization: There are many organizational resources get involved while executing the tech-ecosystem project. Some of the major ones are time, human labor, etc. Hiring the right resource would minimize those by making sure the effective use thereby helping increase the revenue as well.

3. Great Customer Support: The company collaborating with the Microsoft Consulting Partner will ensure that it gets hassle-free maintenance and 24*7*365 assistance. Because everything would be taken care of by your vendor. So, you can focus on the core competencies and do not worry about the dynamic technological complexities.


Microsoft, no doubt, is the pioneer in the industry that helps businesses grow with its wide range of products and services. Therefore, building a technology ecosystem with Microsoft is a smarter decision. And to operationalize the same efficiently, hiring the right Microsoft Solution Provider becomes a very strategic step for the decision-makers. Because it not only impacts the revenues but also helps gain a competitive advantage in the long run.


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