List Article Sites That Pay

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Five Online Sites That Pay to Contribute Listicles

List Article Sites That Pay

There are many online sites that publish list articles, but fewer of them accept submissions from freelance writers and pay them for their effort.

If you have an interesting list of bizarre, the most, the least, the scariest, the craziest, or any other list item in mind, then this article will provide you with five sites that pay for accepted listicles from contributors. The payments range among the sites from five to 100 dollars.

These sites do not require you to be an expert in the category or subject you would like to submit your listicle to. However, your article should be original and based on facts. At the end of the article, you are required to list your sources for verification that your article is factual. You should embed a link in the sources you’ve listed to the relevant source sites. Thus, do a thorough research to ensure your list article contains facts.

After your first submission is accepted and published, it is feasible to send another submission with the possibility of becoming a regular contributor to any of these sites.

You should read some published articles in these sites to get a feel and don’t forget to visit their guidelines for more information on submission details.


Without a doubt, Listverse is one of the largest listicles sites in the world. They have huge and wide variety of listicles that range from the bizarre to the scariest.

They pay $100 for accepted submissions.

They state in their submission guideline that you need to have a good command of English language, "a sense of humor, and a love for things unusual and interesting."

Additionally, "as long as your list is one or two paragraphs per item you can choose any topic you like."

Your article should contain a list of 10 items in descending order.

If you do not have images or videos to include in your article, you don't need to sweat. Listverse's editors will help in getting the relevant images and/or videos.


Cracked is one of the largest humor sites in the world. They even look at serious subjects from a humorous point-of-view.

You are required to sign up in their forum to pitch your idea and get instructions on how to submit your accepted pitch.

Payment is $100.

Your article should contain a list of 10 items. Additionally, you are required to be amusing or hilarious, as this site looks at different subjects or issues from a humorous standpoint.

Here, too, it is not necessary to include images or videos with your submission, as the editors will assist you in finding the best photos or videos.

Top Five Buzz

Have you traveled to a certain destination? What was your experience? Did you take photos? Which destinations would you recommend people to pay a visit?

At Top Five Buzz, you are only required to submit a list of five items on traveling or list items related to traveling.

Your article should contain a minimum of 600 words.

You should include images in your article.

Payment is $5.


Sporteology accepts lists on sports or lists related to sports. Whether it is football, cricket, baseball, or the saddest moments in a particular sport, as long as your list is about a sport or any subject related to sports they will consider your submission.

The articles should be at least 1,000 words. It is not necessary to include photos or images.

Payment is $7.


They accept listicles on any subject imaginable, as is the case with Listverse and Cracked. Your imagination is the only limit.

Your article should be at least 1,500 words and the list should be arranged in descending order.

It is not necessary to include images or videos.

Payment is $5.

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