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Know about Seven Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

You may experiment with several forms of influencer marketing initiatives with the help of the best influencer marketing agency Kolkata to broaden your reach and fulfill your company objectives. We've highlighted a few of them below:

By Amit KumarPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Know about Seven Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns
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You may experiment with several forms of influencer marketing initiatives with the help of the best influencer marketing agency Kolkata to broaden your reach and fulfill your company objectives. We've highlighted a few of them below:

Type 1: Brand Ambassador Programs

A Brand Ambassador Program is a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy in which a brand forms trustworthy relationships with an influencer who is well-known in their field.

According to the conditions of the relationship, the mentioned influencer or brand ambassador receives particular incentives from the businesses. The reward might be anything - product discounts, freebies, or monetary incentives for each post shared by the influencer to promote the business.

Some companies take their brand ambassador programs quite seriously. As a result, they incorporate provisions that forbid the influencer from supporting other products in the same area. Brand ambassador programs are frequently more permanent and lasting since the brand ambassador is obliged to continually promote the brand over a longer time.

Type 2: Discount Codes

Many firms have begun to create one-of-a-kind discount codes for the influencers with whom they work. A company provides discount coupons to influencers, who then distribute these coupons with their followers. Depending on the terms of their relationship, influencers may or may not receive a percentage of every transaction made by their followers. This discount code allows an influencer's followers to purchase things at a discounted cost.

This is a win-win situation for both sides since the influencer of any influencer marketing agency Kolkata can raise their public profile and gain the trust of their followers, while the brand/company can locate a willing audience without depleting their marketing resources.

Type 3: Competitions & Giveaways

Many of your favorite influencers may have done free giveaways and held competitions on social media. You may have observed that they use phrases like ‘in collaboration with xyz' or ‘sponsored by xyz' in their postings.

If you see this, it signifies that a brand is sponsoring the tournament. Through such competitions, brands increase brand awareness, whilst influencers receive monetary compensation or free goods in exchange for endorsing a product.

These kinds of freebies benefit both the company and the influencer. Influencers may increase their social shares, likes, exposure, and visibility. As a result, they may reach a larger audience. Brands, on the other hand, may quickly reach a broader pool of people for a fraction of their marketing investment. This is perfect for new companies that have yet to acquire market exposure and cultivate their following.

Type 4: Social Media Takeover

A social media takeover occurs when a brand permits a social media influencer to take over the business's Instagram profile for an agreed-upon period of days.

Many old and new businesses have begun to experiment with this strategy to broaden their reach and reach a new audience. When a company enters into a social media takeover agreement, an influencer of an influencer marketing agency has access to the business's account and may select and publish content as they see appropriate.

A social influencer marketing takeover is often used as a promotional approach. It is used by brands to draw attention to forthcoming events and to advertise new product releases. Such collaborations provide mutual benefits for both parties involved. The Instagram followers of a brand are introduced to the influencer, and the influencer's followers are presented to the brand. This means more followers, more interaction, and more opportunities for both parties to earn money!

Type 5: Gifts

Sending gifts to influencers is another influencer marketing strategy to consider. In this case, you — the brand – provide free goods to the influencer in exchange for free advertising. When an influencer promotes your brand on their social media page, you may ride on their popularity to gain visibility for your brand page on Instagram and other platforms.

Most of the time, the influencer promotes the presents on their own, writing a good review of the goods on their page. Your advertising goals will be met in half by gifting them. This demonstrates that the traditional habit of gift-giving is successful not only with friends and family but also with influencers!

Type 6: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not precisely a component of an influencer marketing strategy, although it is linked. As you may be aware, affiliates typically get a fee for each sale made by a firm via the affiliate link supplied by the affiliate marketer.

Because most influencers also write on the side, they frequently enter into affiliate relationships to generate passive revenue through their site. The proportion or cut that an influencer receives is determined by what they mutually agreed upon at the start of their business engagement with the company.

Type 7: Sponsored Blog Posts

Many influencers, as mentioned in the previous point, have their blogs. Indeed, many influencers have grown their social media following as a result of their active blogging and writing abilities.

So, if you have an influencer on your radar that has a high-traffic blog, you can contact them with a request for a sponsored blog article. This is a business opportunity you cannot afford to pass up, especially if you want to increase your company's internet traffic.


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