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Jimmy Johnson joins Cowboys’ ring of honor 30 years after ugly split with Jerry Jones

Jimmy Johnson Joins Dallas Cowboys' Ring of Honor, Ending Decades-Long Wait

By JAY PATELPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

In a long-awaited ceremony, former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson has been inducted into the team's prestigious Ring of Honor, standing alongside legendary coach Tom Landry. The event took place at halftime during the regular-season home finale against the Detroit Lions at AT&T Stadium.

Reconciliation After Decades:

Despite the acrimonious split between Jimmy Johnson and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones nearly 30 years ago, the two football icons came together for this significant moment. The ceremony marked the end of a decades-long wait for Johnson, who led the Cowboys to consecutive Super Bowl victories.

Acknowledging the Right Thing:

During the ceremony, Johnson expressed gratitude to Jerry Jones, stating, "Thank you, Jerry Jones, for bringing me to the Dallas Cowboys." Jones, in turn, emphasized that Johnson's induction was the right thing to do and had always been inevitable, regardless of the past differences between them.

Hall of Fame "Triplets" Reunion:

The Hall of Fame "Triplets" from Johnson's Super Bowl teams—quarterback Troy Aikman, running back Emmitt Smith, and receiver Michael Irvin—were present for the ceremony. The trio, along with other players from Johnson's era, greeted the coach during the presentation.

Closing the Circle:

Troy Aikman, now an ESPN analyst, expressed the significance of the moment, stating that the circle had been closed. The reunion and induction ceremony were emotional for players and fans alike, marking the recognition of Johnson's pivotal role in the team's history.

Reflecting on the Past:

While the split between Johnson and Jones in 1994 was fueled by debates over credit for the team's success, both men now downplay those issues. Johnson emphasized that they worked together to make history and highlighted their daily communication during their successful tenure.

Beyond "What Ifs":

Despite speculation about what might have been had Johnson stayed with the Cowboys, the coach doesn't dwell on "what ifs." He mentioned that, after winning a couple of Super Bowls, he felt he had accomplished what he wanted to achieve. Johnson, who has had a varied career in football and broadcasting, is grateful for the special time with the Cowboys.

An Emotional Homecoming:

Returning to AT&T Stadium, Johnson's name now graces the Ring of Honor alongside Tom Landry. The induction is a testament to Johnson's impact on the franchise during his coaching tenure, leading the team from a 1-15 record to back-to-back Super Bowl victories.

Looking Ahead:

With the formal recognition in the Ring of Honor, Jimmy Johnson's legacy is forever cemented in the Cowboys' storied history. As the team continues its journey in the NFL, Johnson's contributions will be remembered by fans, players, and the entire football community.

After three decades of anticipation, Jerry Jones has finally broken the silence on the long-awaited induction of Jimmy Johnson into the Dallas Cowboys' Ring of Honor. In a recent press conference, Jones emphasized that the decision to honor Johnson was not about credit but doing what is right, marking a significant moment in Cowboys' history.

Decades-Long Mystery Unveiled:

While it has been 30 years since Johnson last coached the Cowboys, the delay in his Ring of Honor induction has been shrouded in mystery. The relationship between Johnson and Jones has experienced its share of ups and downs, leading to speculation about the reasons behind the prolonged wait.

Rocky Relationship and Reflections:

Over the years, Johnson and Jones engaged in public exchanges, reflecting both tension and moments of respect. Despite the rocky relationship, Jones had never taken the step to include Johnson in the Ring of Honor until now. The decision to induct two figures this year, including Johnson, underscores Jones' unique role as the sole decision-maker for the Ring of Honor.

Jones' Vision and Johnson's Legacy:

Jones, who considers himself the "one-person committee" for Ring of Honor decisions, played a pivotal role in Johnson's coaching journey. Their connection dates back to their college days at Arkansas, where they won a national championship together in 1964. Jones had a vision and tapped Johnson to replace Tom Landry as the head coach in 1989, marking a crucial turning point for the franchise.

A Lifelong Bond:

The press conference shed light on the lifelong bond between Jones and Johnson, tracing back to their shared success at Arkansas and evolving as Jones pursued ownership of a professional sports franchise. Johnson's hiring was Jones' first and only call, highlighting the deep connection between the two.

Beyond Hall of Fame Credentials:

The Ring of Honor induction comes independent of Hall of Fame credentials, showcasing Jones' willingness to honor Johnson's contributions without waiting for a formal Hall of Fame nod. Jones, who himself has a bust in Canton, remains focused on recognizing key figures in Cowboys history, with Johnson being a central part of that narrative.

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream:

For Jones, inducting Johnson into the Ring of Honor is not only about recognizing coaching achievements but also fulfilling a lifelong dream that began when he acquired the Cowboys. Johnson's status as the head coach who succeeded Landry holds special significance in the franchise's legacy.

A Fitting Tribute:

As the Cowboys celebrate the induction of Jimmy Johnson into the Ring of Honor, it marks a fitting tribute to a coach whose impact on the team's history is now permanently enshrined. The press conference provided insight into the complex dynamics between Jones and Johnson, culminating in a momentous occasion for Cowboys fans and the football community.


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