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Introduction to Vocal Media community

This is my introduction post for the community.

By Aschatria XyanaPublished about a year ago 3 min read

My name is aschatria, and I am a writer who has been honing my craft for many years. Over the years, I have become a member of multiple online writing communities, and I am excited to join Vocal.Media.

I have written everything from fiction to technical documents, and I enjoy exploring different writing styles and genres. I worked on most of the platforms from freelancing websites, from content mills to video creation, from networking to task forums and social media.

My favorite topics to write about are fiction, the internet, and blockchain.

I have always been a fan of fiction, and I find it fascinating to create unique characters and tell their stories. I usually shared my fiction writings on a platform called Hive ( and a few others in the past) and that was surprisingly very well received.

I am a huge fan of science fiction, fantasy, and horror movies.

I seldom play games. But, my long-term interest is Splinterlands and I am impartially interested in the lore of Warhammer. I usually love to dig in and disassemble the game's programming instead of actually playing it.

As an avid networker and techy, I have a lot of experience with various online platforms and enjoy exploring the ways technology is changing the world we live in. This means I can fix almost anything related.

I have been intrigued by the world of cryptocurrency for years and have been actively investing and trading in it for some time now.

When I am not writing, I enjoy cooking, spending time with my family, and being a parent. My favorite leissure time is when we go for long walks and drive in the countryside.

My resident country is Croatia, and there are a lot of scenic views to visit here. I like to take a lot of photos of nature, but I am not very good at it.

I also do art, drawing by hand or digital composites. The cover art image is my digital animated painting.

The submitted video is my Psy-trance composition uploaded to YouTube.

I love both cats and dogs, but unfortunately, I suffer from allergies, so my animal of choice is a companion parrot, free-range aviation which occupies my study room. I have had him for 5 years now and for the longest time of all creatures I encounter during my life, I finally earned his trust. A bird spent more than 10 years in a tiny cage until taking a final residence with us.

By profession, I am an engineer in the medical field related to radiation, atomic and nuclear physics. I worked in my profession shortly and then transferred to online occupations such as freelancing, coding and repairs, fitness, and various other services.

As a family person, I believe that it is important to make time for those who are closest to us, and I cherish the moments I get to spend with my loved ones. I am happily married for 18 beautiful years and I have a daughter whom I absolutely adore. I never thought I will be this lucky.

Blogging is another passion of mine, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and insights on a wide range of topics. I believe that writing is a powerful tool that can be used to inform, inspire, and entertain, and I am committed to using my writing skills to create content that is engaging, informative, and thought-provoking.

I usually try to sync artwork with my poetry. My first created website online back in 2010 was my poetry website which I maintain even today.I also program and code when I have time. Currently, I maintain a couple of blogs on various platforms, including my knowledge base, Pranz and portfolio page.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, and look forward to sharing this journey together.


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Aschatria Xyana

Content creation, networking, fiction writing... and other misdeeds.

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    Aschatria XyanaWritten by Aschatria Xyana

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