If Money Were No Object

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Big Dreams, Little Funding

If Money Were No Object

If money were no object I would be able to create and bring to life so many dreams I have had locked away in this mind of mine. Dreams some would say are too big for a person like myself, but if you are going to dream, dream big and dream often.

I have never sat down and thought about a name for my dream, but it all intertwines and it is just now in recent times that I am seeing how the pieces all do fit together and create a loving paradise. My first step, of course, like so many others, would be to disappear with my loving partner for a year-long trip around the world to all the places we have ever wanted to go. This is more to get us out of the way and nice and relaxed, ready to work when we got back.

While gone I would have people working to find me some nice land locations. A piece of land large enough to build a five to ten-acre farm style house complete with animal shelters, fields and everything needed to run a small hobby farm. There would need to be built a state of the art farm style home with plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices. I would use this location as a Foster home for older children who are having a hard time getting placed in stable places. Using my Education degree I would have a homeschool environment set up for the kids to complete their educations either by obtaining their HSED, Diploma, or GED in a manner and time that suits them. Having the farm would create plenty of chores and learning situations for them to be kept busy and expand their minds. Also due to the fact that money would be no object each child would have their own account set up where their monthly money would be deposited and held until either they enroll in a college degree or turn 21. As long as they complete their schooling, stay out of trouble, and are active and productive members of the family, all expenses would be covered allowing their accounts to grow and mature to help get them started on a bright future.

There are obviously details missing above. Things I have thought about and worked out in my head, but to write it all out in detail would take away from my other goals. Some may be wondering why this would be a goal. I mean all the money I could want, why create something that would have me running around like crazy and not able to just rest and enjoy the endless bank account? Truth be told, I have always wanted to be a foster parent. Just the thought of it always seemed like something I should do, because I have so much love and guidance I could give. So much wisdom gained through life experiences that could help. So, I started looking into it and I found that the older a child is, the harder it is to place them in stable, long-term homes. This leads to them, for lack of better words, living out of boxes and bags wondering where they will be sleeping nights to come. This as you can imagine leaves an emotional scar. It creates a mind that relates attention to bad behavior; it instills into their brain and self-image that they are not worthy of being loved and kept around. They are little more to some than a monthly check and another mouth to feed. Don't get me wrong, not all places are like this, but sadly many are. The younger a child is the easier it is to not only place them in temporary homes but to also get them adopted. This lead to me wanting to take on what the system has dubbed, "The Problem Children." The cases that keep coming across their desks. The solution to these kids is a simple one, love, and dedication. The majority of them just need strong boundaries, goals, love and a lot of patience, something I know I could provide in the right location and with the right supplies.

Most importantly, my baby, my project I am working on while money is very much a factor, Lilly's Family Circle would become fully funded and taken care of. I would not have to stress out about asking people for help and donations. We would have all our supplies and a fully functioning home office with all the space needed. No one would be turned away due to the inability to help them with achieving their family goals and care after or during their cancer fight and fight with cancer involved fertility issues. They would all be allowed to choose their own methods of fertility preservation and care through what we would have to offer, while not having to pay for it and still getting the treatment they need from their medical team with one less worry about their future and the future of their family. We would become a well known non-profit organization as I would have the ability to hire the staff I need to make sure that advertising and promotions are being handled properly. I could start planning and setting up our yearly projects and I would certainly have enough supplies to go around for all of our community outreach programs. Who knows I may even be able to expand outside of my home state and help even more people than I had set as a goal and dreamed of.

Another project would involve finding the second piece of land and having a restaurant built on it and fully set up ready to go for my partner. I know it is something he would love and it is a dream of his. I don't have too many plans in my head for this one as it would be his baby, just a gift from me to him. On the topic of gifts, I would also make sure that all my families student loans are paid off in full. Education is a very valuable gift and not something I think should weigh a person down the majority of their life trying to pay off. I would also pay off their house, get them all new cars, and do my best to help them get debt free. Afterall, they need to do some work themselves, or it won't be worth it and I will just have to keep paying off their debts.

This post could go on forever with the things I could do if money were no object. Yet, if I were to sum it up in as few words as possible, I would want to try and make this world a better place. My goal is that when I leave this planet I not only leave behind people who will carry on my mission but will carry on my work of trying to make this world just a little happier and brighter than when we got here.

Lilly Tairi
Lilly Tairi
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