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I Want A Foreign Friend (Human)

Not a pet although they are amazing. Well, aliens will be under consideration. I'm no racist.

By Nitu HowladerPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
I Want A Foreign Friend (Human)
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A friend who can talk shamelessly is one of the most favorite of my list. But l can't inscribe it if l can't be first to do so. You know l like friend being easygoing and l want the human being to talk too much.

There should be a place where you can be yourself. And nothing will beat the thrill.

It is so true that a life without truth isn't a life and all our truths ain't good and think if there is no place where you can put them all, you subscribe to hell. Friend will manage to make a place for you in own heart. Friend will always let you in. You can talk all your good and bad out. You can show your care. You become more human as you get responsibility to care and luck and also a chance to love and to have love. No matter what you will always pick some truths so that this angel never lose trust on you and this angel will pick some white lies to make you feel good . Friend won't act like a great who never get angry, who never scolds or won't act like a puzzle box.

Friend will draw a sun to dry your heart's rain.

That's why you can l think should talk shamelessly and can and should convince this angel to do the same. You two can bind your lies and truths. It will take a great amount of inhumanity to loose or to break this bond.

Think if you really can have friend or friends you will have the greatest treasure. You can have it in many ways.

Firstly, think aren't you lucky to have someone to love? This doesn't attract you! Wait, I'm just getting started! You will have a human being to love and understand you at the same time. Now does this boring issue seem to be little interesting? Look, the benefits are beyond your imaginations. You will have someone to cry when you scold. Someone to care about your anger. Someone to talk out your worries, bad habits. Your all the wrong, all the problems, all the solutions. Someone to ask you why you are crying. Someone to remember you while he or she will be playing, praying. When you go to school this angel's presence will make you less lonely more comfortable. When you go to college someone to walk with. When you don't go to school or college someone to worry about you. When you miss classes you, people, will share notes. Think how easy life will become! You know, someone to miss you, someone to be jealous to have your care, your attention, you can make and remember happy memories as you get a chance to share with a alive human being. You, guys will talk so many issues, will see so many reality, will do so many things. I tell you that if you are a human being then you won't want to break it cause the pain isn't bearable.

The most interesting part is that friend is like a locker in where your all the treasures (truths, lies, secrets, smiles, tears, happiness, madness, anger frustration, love and the opposite thingie etc etc etc and etc) will be locked up in one soul and if there is one secure place for your treasures it will be that l repeat it will take a great amount of inhumanity to find the key, the password or to break in. You will get to know some or many secrets too. Some treasures to secure huh! Friend who will have faith in you who will not and will forgive you. Friend will say you don't need to do nothing for me and again will say will you help me one more time. See! How much love and importance you get! When you are upset friend will set something for you. You can hide from this angel's eyes but can't hide from the heart. You might wonder how this happened to you. You can kidnap the soul or love it as much as you want. You get a license to hate and love and be kind and selfish at the same time. No police will come to arrest you. So, you will have nothing but satisfaction. So, win win.

I don't know how many words l need to inscribe but l don't know why l can't quit writing.

Friend is also a secret passage to find your center. (Actually l don't know if it's avowed in at least the entire world.) friend's heart is like a mysterious space to fit you in. You might think let's throw away this emotional garbage words where it deserves to live. But don't judge with your heart, judge with your eyes it is all business. It is now a business philosophy that unity is strength.

So, how can you have this treasure?

Trick, first you to be friendly. Shocked? All the blah blah words ending up in this mess!

Sorry pals. Truths are truths anyway.

Oh! Almost forgot to write all the typical, native, neighbor people l know ain't like that. You know I tried. So this is an emergency need for my life, my mind and memory - a foreign friend (human).

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed it, you might also enjoy this one too. Have a nice day.

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