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I’m My Worst Critic

by Cathy Deslippe 7 days ago in literature

Delete, Delete, Delete

I’m My Worst Critic
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Footnotes and Journalling

An avid writer than when rejected, only asked to be edited to to add more words. The delete button couldn’t be clicked fast enough. If I get an uneasy feeling after writing a story, it doesn’t get submitted.

How is it that I am so critical to myself ,but when it comes to other authors. I can find and appreciate the fantastic writing that they do?

Journalling has become my amazing gift. I have one journal that I have set up with daily positive goals. With respect to this journal if I plan on writing 800 words for the day, I write it, edit it and most time I feel amazed on what I have written.

Search for subjects is another thing I have on my goal sheet. I go from different blogs to magazines to content I find on the internet. What do the majority of people enjoy reading?

While researching especially on I have found myself going back to the same authors. So few authors can write with so much quality and confidence, I truly admire them. You can see their confidence flow off the pen.

I call this my goal journal as well as my growth journal. Looking back over the last year, I graphically can see through my journal what things need more work on, what I can add to it. Most importantly I have learned to allow myself not to be so hard on myself. ( gaining self esteem)

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My New Leaf Journal

I created my new leaf journal to establish business opportunities and strategies to guide me along the way. ( My Second And Favourite Journal)

Always trying to pursue new and interesting things, my New Leaf Journal holds so much research, accomplishments and different marketing strategies.

As a writer, sketch artists and photographer enthusiast, I have joined several programs to better my knowledge. With such wonderful technology I am given so many opportunities. Recently I joined a photography group, won several awards and have met some really amazing other photographers from all around the world. Contacts name, phone numbers and emails are all in my New Leaf Journal.

I feel so enthusiastic when I open up this journal and have thought of the idea of publishing a book like this for others to gain hope.

As my New Leaf Journal keeps getting thicker, adding all of the stories I have had published with ,I can’t wait to keep on writing and never giving up.

How To Avoid Being My Worst Critic

Learning tools as addressed in my goal journal, have started to have a great impact on my self esteem. Taking rejection and turning it into a positive, a challenge to change the material, adding new and different ideas gives me recognition of not putting so much negativity on myself.

Looking at it like a date, a rejection from a guy/girl can be a positive thing (hurts when you have feelings), but in the long run you usually end up finding the right person to spend your life with.

Perfection especially in school, work on my hobbies has been something I struggled with since grade school. I put so much effort into it, skipped a grade that eventually I was exhausted and depressed.

My Journals Change

Change use to be hard, now I embrace it and challenge myself. Looking over the challenges I have written about while writing with vocal media, I have truly embraced several of the topics. My favourite at this point in time is The Ship On The Horizon. I really enjoyed writing the story, most importantly I have been getting positive feedback from social media.

Time to relax, feel good and accept the things I cannot change and work harder at not being so critical of myself. I have this exact statement inside both of my journals, reminding me that trying to do anything is success, grow with it, embrace it most importantly never loose site of loving “Yourself”..

Journal For Life

Enjoy each day.

Your passions in every way .

Challenge yourself to learn.

Exciting new things that earn.

Self esteem, growth and gain.

Focus on positives and not the pain.

Be proud of all that you can do.

Remember to always be proud of “You”.

Hope you have fun Journalling today and I look forward to learning more from you.

Cathy Deslippe
Cathy Deslippe
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Cathy Deslippe

A published author at 7 years of age. International writer with other authors, wrote together, all royalties went to Cancer patience with no insurance for treatment. Every day I challenge myself to learn something new.,

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