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I Don't Like My Job: What To Do?

by HowToFind .com 11 months ago in how to

I don't like my job! Something that many people have gone through and millions of people suffer from today. Below I try to help you and give you a series of tips of tasks that I should do if you don't like my job.

I Don't Like My Job: What To Do?
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I know how you feel. I've been there myself.

You don't like your job at all and you've lost all motivation.

I could tell you perfectly well that if you don't like your job...then change your job, but there's no such thing as getting exquisite.

Due to COVID there is a lot of unemployment, so, the first thing you have to do is be thankful that you have a job.

But even so, I understand how you feel if you don't like what you're doing, so I want to give you a series of tips to try to help you.

1. Don't blame yourself. Take responsibility.

It's not the same to blame yourself for the situation you're going through as it is to take responsibility.

If you have a bad job, it's probably your responsibility.

We're not going to start blaming the system now, the politicians, the education system, ...blah, blah, blah.

You will have something to do with the circumstances that have led you to work on what you are working on.

  1. Maybe you didn't study a career.
  2. You didn't make the right choice.
  3. At the time you didn't think about your future and only did what you wanted to do at the time.

We all make mistakes, and it's not about blaming yourself and thinking you're a fool for the rest of your life. Just take responsibility and think what you can do to change your work situation.

  1. Do you want to change your job?
  2. Can you afford it?
  3. What options do you have?
  4. What can you do to change your situation?

You may have screwed up in the past, but that's in the past. You can't change it.

Forget what you did and focus on what you can do from today to change your present and your future.

2. Stop daydreaming.

I know you'd love to work at what you consider the perfect job, but if all you do is imagine yourself in that job, you're only going to get bitter.

Stop dreaming about your ideal job and start valuing what you have.

Thousands of people would love to have your job and are having a hard time raising their families.

Think also about how the money that your bad job is giving you allows you to support your family, pay off your debts, allow you to have some luxury from time to time...

Your job may not be paradise, but it allows you to keep going month after month and when you get out of work you can have quality time on other things that you like.

3. Let it all out.

By Chewy on Unsplash

People need to get it out with someone from time to time.

Just find someone who loves and values you and wants to give you some of their time so you can talk to them and get it off your chest.

Just to listen to you and vent your frustrations.

Don't spend 2 hours telling them your life either, they can shoot you hahahaha.

Just 5 or 10 minutes of talking. Just 5 or 10 minutes to get your thoughts in order, feel a little better and focus on finding a solution.

4. Set goals.

I know that in some jobs it is complicated, but at least try. Short, medium and long term goals.

Your short-term goals can be a daily goal, such as looking for the positive side of your job, having a better relationship with your co-workers, getting better results at your job, etc.

Your medium or long term goals can be to look for a new job, get a promotion, make a blog that can generate income...

YES, you read right: Make a blog.

You can also create a blog on a topic that you are passionate about.

Don't do it thinking about the money it can generate, nor do it with desperation to get money quickly.

Just think for a moment:

  1. What do you like to talk about?
  2. Do you have advanced knowledge about any subject?
  3. Would it be a good idea to blog about it?
  4. Are there people who might be interested in that topic?
  5. How could you monetize a blog?

I don't like my work? I have to do something.

If you have ever thought: "...I don't like my job", this is your chance to change your situation in the long run.

Maybe from now on you will start to like your work more.

Maybe you will find another job in a few months.

Maybe in a few years you will be able to live from a blog, writing about what you like best.

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