How to Work in the Legal Field Without Being a Lawyer

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Creative Jobs Ideas for People wanting to affect change but not wanting to argue in court

How to Work in the Legal Field Without Being a Lawyer

There are people that may have an interest in the legal field but do not want to go to law school. They may want to get involved but do not want the long hours, to argue in court, or the many years of schooling. Luckily, there are jobs that will allow a person to work in the legal field without becoming a lawyer or obtaining a legal degree.


To be a paralegal, a person does not require a law degree or extensive knowledge. They can handle administrative work for the lawyers and may schedule appointments. They can also research the lawyer about past cases and any changes in the legal. In some cases, they can provide legal information to the clients. They may be able to file certain documents and review the information about the case with the client.

Trial Consultant

This person needs to know the law, psychology, and sociology. They will listen to the lawyer on complex arguments and give them tips on how to communicate them to the jury. They will help the lawyer find the right away to state these issues so the average person can understand them. They will also help with other areas of communication so that the lawyer can make a good impression with the jury.

E-Discovery Professional

There is a lot of information that can be found online regarding laws and changes to legislation. The E-discover field is growing and it is already a billion-dollar a year industry. The E-discovery professional needs to be good with computers. They will help manage information that is new in the electronically stored information (ESI) system. This is where they can find changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures and other related information.

Court Reporter

Court Reporters or Stenographers assist in Court and record every word of a trial. They will record all words spoken in courts such as testimony and statements. They will record the spoken words verbatim. A person needs to be able to type at least 200 words a minute. They also provide closed captioning for news reports. There is a court reporter shortage so there are plenty of openings in this field. Consider Court Reporters Spokane.


This profession is designed to help people that are facing family or civil issues stay out of the courtroom. The mediator is a neutral third party that will listen to each side and helps them reach a solution that they agree upon. They can help with dispute resolution and help them agree upon a solution rather than going into the court, paying a lawyer, and getting a judgment they had no say in. Couples that are divorcing can use a mediator to help with property division and child custody issues. This is increasing in popularity as court costs increase.

Jury Consultant

This person will help the lawyer gain insight on the behavior of the jury, how they would respond to their case, and ways to argue their case that will be the most effective with the jury. This behavioral information is based on data to predict how specific arguments will be viewed by the jury. This information will also tell a lawyer what characteristics to look for in their ideal jury and which ones to try to avoid in the jury selection.

These are some careers that a person with an interest in the legal process can work without becoming a lawyer. There is an increase in demand for qualified personnel in these fields. They offer competitive wages as well. These jobs will allow a person to be part of the legal field without becoming a lawyer.

Paisley Hansen
Paisley Hansen
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