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How to Make Money Online: 7 Ideas (2024)

7 ideas from a certified digital hustler

By Jide OkonjoPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

At this point, I don't think I know a bigger digital hustler than me. I have done a bunch of gigs, have circled the block, and now I'm returning to you with 7 ways you can make money online.

Without further ado, let's jump into the list.

1. Become a Writer on Vocal

It is what has worked for me the best, so hopefully it can work for you as well. On Vocal, I have been able to make over six-figures and I've chronicled everything about that experience in this post, and also made a digital guide if you want to learn tips and tricks I used to get there.

2. Monetize Facebook videos and reels

Many people know about the power of Youtube, but what many people are not aware of us is the power of Facebook. While Youtube is quite saturated at this point, Facebook is actively looking for video content in terms of long-form videos and reels. What you have to do is create, and post them on a Facebook page. Facebook is eager for content, and are doing a good job of really pushing out the videos themselves, especially reels. There are some criteria you would need to hit though: at least 5,000 followers on your page, 60,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days, and at least 5 videos on your Facebook page. But if you already create video content, run a Youtube page, do reels or Tiktoks, etc, you can also put your video content on Facebook for some extra bucks.

3. Selling on Etsy

Of all the marketplaces, I'll say Etsy is the one I'd recommend if you're looking for truly passive income and a site that would actually generate sales for your product. This year, I made a digital product and listed on Etsy - then I ran a quick simple ad on it. Etsy only charges when people click on your ad, and the week I launched my product, I got a sale that was worth a lot more than what had been spent in ad-spend. I've tried selling on many different platforms and used a lot of ad services, I'd say Etsy really stands out in this way.

4. Create a Product for Affiliate Marketers to Sell

It is the other side of the coin many people don't really think about. I see a lot of people preaching about and advertising becoming affiliate promoters, but these networks they direct you to also need sellers whose products will be promoted. If you can create a product (physical or digital) and get it listed on an affiliate network, then you can truly sit back, get other people to promote your product, and rake in the profit.

5. Join Fiverr

The site is always running, and if you have a skill you can monetize, you can create an account and advertise your skillset. You're good at editing stories, being a proofreader, coding, writing letters, whatever it is. Fiverr is a good place to list your skill and potentially get clients.

6. Sell Photographs

We already take so many pictures anyway, we might as well get paid for them. ClickASnap is a website that pays you whenever a person clicks on and views your photo. You can also sell your pictures through stock photo marketplaces. If you can walk around your neighborhood or wherever, take cool shots - maybe even of the night sky - you can actually make some money that way.

7. Become a Tutor

Before writing took off for me, I made a lot of my money from Chegg Tutors (which is now sadly closed; miss you daily Chegg 😭). The site closed down when I was already blowing up writing here on Vocal, so I never felt a need to transition into any other tutoring platforms - but I know that as an occupation it definitely pays and there are many platforms to check out and do good work on.

These 7 ideas are ones I have actually made money from, dabbled in, seen the earning potential of, or know a couple of friends who are making money by doing these.

Of course this list is nothing but a list of ideas, and you have to now do the hard work of researching more on any idea that jumps out at you. Remember if you're searching "how to make money fast" that making money, especially online, takes time, and the digital landscape is ever-changing. So stay patient, stay diligent and I'm sure in no time, you too will be making some good money working online!

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