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How To Effectively Understand Your Customers Before A Marketing Campaign

Six Effective Prompts To Convert Your Customers Into Buyers

By Noor Published 6 months ago 3 min read
How To Effectively Understand Your Customers Before A Marketing Campaign
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Your customers are what make up your business. The more time and effort you put in understand your target audience, the more success you will establish for your brand.

Before launching a campaign, take a step back and look at your brand, customer, and competition with a fresh lens.

This piece covers the six essential questions you should answer before investing in your next marketing campaign.

These are the foundational questions that serve as a blueprint for general marketing campaigns.

Feel free to dive deeper into industry-related questions.

Use data and statistics where necessary to back up your answers and conclusions.

Who Are Your Customers?

Jot down who you are targeting for the campaign. If you do not have customers yet, then make a customer persona. There are free templates available online that help you create your perfect customer and envision them.

An in-depth customer journey mapping template from Canva, downloaded using Canva Premium. Designed by Marketplace Designers: brand:BABj9f0X1bg

A detailed customer persona template from Canva, downloaded using Canva Premium. Designed by Marketplace Designers: brand:BABj9f0X1bg

Who Are The Target Audience For the Campaign

Which social group are you targeting in the campaign and why?

Where can you promote the campaign to your target audience?

Some great ways to promote the campaign are by social media, through word-of-mouth, and through targeted advertisements. You can also distribute information about the campaign through brochures, flyers, and other printed materials. Additionally, you can hold events to raise awareness about the campaign and solicit donations from your target audience.

Think about the places they would visit more or the activities where they engage in.

Opt to intensify the promotion of your campaign in the location where your target audience is present in order to maximize exposure and improve engagement.

Who Is Already Purchasing Your Product/Service?

If you are a newly established brand then this may not be necessary for you. However, if you have customers already, identify who is already purchasing from you.

Are they females or males?

Are they loyal customers who come back to purchase the same product or service multiple times, or have they only purchased once and never returned? Loyalty can be an important factor for businesses, as it can help encourage repeat customers. On the other hand, customers who only purchase once and never come back may not be as loyal as customers who return to purchase the same product or service multiple times.

What age group, demographics, and interests do they have?

If you notice a common trend in your buyers, you can narrow down your campaign by targeting buyers who share that trend. For example, if you notice that most of your buyers are male, you can focus your campaign on male-targeted ads.

Analyze Your Competition

Who are your competitors?

Are they running similar campaigns?

How can you utilize the relevant tools they are using to gain a competitive edge in the market?

What Are The Social Media Preferences Of Your Target Audience?

You can create a free post or story on your brand’s social media platforms but if you opt for a paid marketing campaign, it is wise to pay attention to a specific platform.

What is the main platform that is used by the majority of your target audience?

Use analytical tools or post a short poll to assess your customer’s preferred social media platform.

What Are The Values Of The Target Customers?

How can you appeal to these values in your marketing campaign?

Is affordability, luxury, and aesthetics one of those values?

How can you utilize this in the design and promotion of your campaign?

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Noor is a second-year business student at Tredu. She is also studying for Diploma in International Smart Industry at Tampere University. She is passionate about marketing and content creation. She recently launched her YouTube channel specializing in holistic healing.

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