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The Freedom of the Pen

A Tribute To Vocal Media

By Noor Published 6 months ago 3 min read
The Freedom of the Pen
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In this poem, the writer expresses their love for writing and their gratitude for the platform, which allows them to share their words and connect with others. The poem speaks of the joy of the craft and the freedom of expression, and celebrates the community of writers on who support and inspire each other. The poem is a heartfelt tribute to the power of the written word and the connections it can create.

Ink flows like a river,

As my pen hits the paper,

I write of my thoughts,

And let my words take flight.

I write of my dreams,

And the passions in my heart,

I write of my struggles,

And the lessons that I've learned.

On this platform, I am free,

To express myself without fear,

To share my voice,

And connect with others near and far. is my canvas,

Where I can paint my words,

And bring my stories to life,

For all to see and hear.

I write for the joy of it,

For the thrill of the craft,

I write for the connection,

And the bonds that I've made.

In this community of writers,

We support and inspire each other,

We lift each other up,

And encourage one another to grow.

So I'll continue to write,

To pour my heart onto the page,

To share my stories,

And connect with others on this stage.

For on,

I've found a place to belong,

A place where my words,

Can take flight and soar.

I'll write of love and loss,

Of hope and of despair,

I'll write of the beauty,

That surrounds us everywhere.

I'll write of the struggles,

That we all face each day,

And the triumphs,

That bring us joy and light our way.

I'll write of the world,

And all its wondrous sights,

I'll write of the people,

And the stories that they hold inside.

For on,

I have found my voice,

And I'll continue to write,

And share my words with those who have ears to hear.

For writing is my passion,

And on this platform, I am free,

To express myself and connect,

And to be truly me.

So I'll keep on writing,

On this wonderful platform,

Where my words can reach,

A world that is vast and grand.

I'll write of the things,

That move me and inspire,

I'll write of the beauty,

That fills my heart with fire.

And as I write,

I'll remember the joy,

That comes from sharing,

And connecting with others, on, oh!

For here, I have found,

A place where I belong,

A place where my words,

Can take flight and soar,

On this platform, forevermore.

There can be many reasons why someone might enjoy writing on Vocal media. Some possible reasons include:

Vocal media provides a platform for writers to share their work with a potentially large audience. This can be a great way for writers to gain exposure and build a following for their work.

Writing on Vocal media can be a good way for writers to hone their skills and improve their writing. By sharing their work with others, writers can receive feedback and constructive criticism that can help them grow as writers.

Vocal media offers writers the opportunity to earn money for their work. Depending on the level of engagement their writing receives, writers can earn a share of the revenue generated from their articles.

Writing on Vocal media can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can be a great outlet for creativity and self-expression, and can provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when writers see their work being read and appreciated by others.

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