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How to Do YouTube

by Briana Willis 4 years ago in how to
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When You're Broke or on a Budget

If you've wanted to start a YouTube channel or maybe you have one but are wondering how to improve when all you have is a phone, a charger, and a pair of earphones, then you'll want to read on. I have a YouTube channel and I'm going to share with you how I did it.

So, obviously, you are going to want to make sure your phone's fully charged. If not, then start charging it while you make up your set and get any phone attachments you may have.

Once your phone has fully charged, if you have photos or videos you want saved, you can either send them to your messenger, e-mail or cell phone number. Use either one of those as a "folder" for the pictures or videos you want to keep while making room on your phone for your filming.

Second, you want to think about your set or background. Natural light is a blessing and—if you're able to use it—recommended. If you can, sit in front of a window. If not, use whatever light you can get, whether it be a lamp or the light in your room. Make sure the video is well lit.

Something I did and still do and recommend is to watch other YouTubers and take note of their surroundings. Study their lighting, their set and background, the video, and sound quality. Do some research and find inspiration!

The third thing you want to do is use a pair of earphones with a built-in microphone. You don't HAVE to, you can use your phone's microphone, but it's important to have the best sound quality you can.

If you have a microphone stand, use it to your advantage. What I do is if I am sitting down for my video, I lay the legs on their side, open the claw and secure my phone inside. If you use a microphone stand, be sure to lay your phone on its side and secure the clasp on the end that doesn't have the camera and make sure nothing is in the way of your phone's mic in case you aren't going to be using earphones with the built-in mic.

You don't have to have a stand. Use whatever you can. Stack books on top of each other, use a shelf or even your hand—just have the camera as steady as possible.

When Recording:

What I do is I will write down notes of what I want to talk about. Especially if you are anxious, shy, or tend to go on rabbit trails when talking, notes help and so does using a teleprompter. I use the app called Oratory. It works great!

I definitely recommend it.

Below are links to equipment pieces that you don't necessarily need but if you have five or ten bucks to spare, I think they could be a good investment. They're not life-size, they are phone attachments. If you buy them anywhere else I think they could get pretty pricey BUT if you get them from the Wish app, you can pay as little as probably less than eight bucks, depending on where you live and how many products you buy.

Phone Ring Light

USB Plug-in Microphone

Camera Lenses for Phone

I hope you like this article and that it helps you get your YouTube channel started!

Happy filming!

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