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How to do on-page SEO

All you need to know about how to do on-page SEO

By ghadermPublished 9 months ago 5 min read

If you want to make your article rank one on the search engines, then you must optimize it for search engines

Now we will see how to ideally prepare your article for search engines or what is called on-page SEO, which are the things you do on your site or article to prepare it for search engines

There are many things that you must follow to have your article ready for search engines and we will start with them now

Article title

This is very important because it will determine your CTR or Click Through Rate

That is, it will determine whether people who see your site in the search engine will enter or ignore your site Therefore, you should pay attention to your article title and follow the following tips

First you must put your keyword in the title and then complete the title with something that attracts the visitor to enter your site

For example, if the keyword is “Drop shipping case study” I can complete it with (Look how I made $1,000 in just two days)

This title will arouse curiosity in the visitor to know what I did to achieve this amount so he will copy what I did

But of course your completion of the title must be real and not spam, meaning you must have achieved this amount in two days through Dropshipping in the way you will write

To make things easier for you, you can visit this website: (

After visiting it, go down and look at the examples that will help you write a good title

Your article introduction

The introduction to your article is what determines whether the visitor will continue reading your article or not, and this is very important as well

Therefore, in the introduction to your article, make sure to describe the problem and tell the visitor that you will solve it. If your article doesn't include a solution, write some things as vague things that push the visitor to complete reading and identify also don't forget to mention you keyword

For example, if your article is about a case study of drop shipping, as in our previous example, you can write an introduction as follows

There are many people who struggling with earning money from drop shipping, and some think that drop shipping doesn't work anymore but I am here to tell you that you still have a chance, and it isn't very difficult as some say:

I will share with you my drop shipping case study and you will see that there are some things that you must follow and there are things that will help you, so read this article to the end to know all these things

Well, now if your article doesn't describe a solution to a problem, for example, if the article is about types of dogs, you can write an introduction as follows

Surely, there are many of us who love dogs and want to raise one at home, but there aren't many who know all types of dogs, there are rare types that are found only in certain regions of the world, so if you are interested in dogs, continue reading this article because there are dogs that will amaze you with their qualities

Article body

Now we will talk about the article itself and I will give you some tips for writing the perfect article

Divide your article into paragraphs and put a subtitle for each paragraph, search engines love this and even the visitor will find your article comfortable to read fully

Improve the images that you will put on your site in two steps

The first is to add alt text to all the images on the blog because this will help Google to know what these images are or what they are talking about, and this will also help you appear in the Google images search engine

The second step is to compress images to make them tiny and this will help increase page loading speed and ranking on search engines To do this, just visit site called Tinypng or add a plugin called on your WordPress site if you have one


Now we will talk about the links that you want to put in your article

It is very important to have links in your article and there are two types of links that I will talk about

The first type is inbound links, and this type refers to another article on the same site

That is, you send the person from the article he visited to another article on the same site

The second type is outbound links

This type refers to articles or videos outside your website

For example, you send the visitor from the article to a video on YouTube or to an article on another site

Now to make things easier for you if you have a Wordpress site I want you to download a plugin called Yoast SEO

just click on plugins in dashboard and search for it

This blog will make things a lot easier for you, as when you write the article, it will tell you if there is anything that needs to be improved

Also, if you go to the bottom of the article when writing it, you will find that you can put your keyword in the “focus Keyphrase” box

as well as you will find other boxes which are SEO

title, Slug, Meta description and I will talk about them

Now we are going to talk about slug

The slug is simply the url and it is very important to keep the URL simple to the point and don't forget to mention your keyword

meta description

The meta description is simply the description that appears under the link in Google search results

Write a description that does not exceed two lines about what the visitor will see if he enters your article and don't forget also to mention your keyword and attract the visitor as we talked about in the title

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