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The ultimate affiliate marketing Toolkit

All you need to know about affiliate marketing Toolkit in one article

By ghadermPublished 9 months ago 6 min read

Affiliate marketing is one of the largest areas of work on the Internet, and hundreds of thousands of people are heading to it because of the ease of starting it But despite this, there are many people who fail in it and find nothing to help them achieve success

That is why I present to you this Toolkit, where you will learn about tools, services and software that will help you to increase your sales and facilitate your work. Now without wasting time let's get started with The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Toolkit


One of the most important things that you should add to your content is the images. Images are a simple way to give your content a wonderful addition by choosing the best images for it

This tool is the best in its field and in addition to being free it offers an easy way to design images simply and also gives you amazing templates for the type of images you want

Canva also offers many features such as removing the background, designing e-books, designing posts, designing logos, and many other features, in addition to that you can use it on your mobile or computer


Perhaps one day you wanted to know how many people search for a specific word within your country, but unfortunately all the tools that give you this possibility are a little expensive

However, Ubersuggest is completely free and is one of the best tools in the field of SEO

For example, this tool enables you to know the articles that get the most clicks and shares and helps you to do a comprehensive analysis of your site and give you a report about the problems it suffers from, all for free

Frankly, I can say that it is the best tool in this toolkit If you want to get started and start achieving success, you should definitely use it

This tool is considered the best alternative to ClickFunnel, and it is enough that you can work on it for free, as it contains within its plans a free plan forever provides you with everything you need for your online business, as you can build funnels with ease as well as create landing pages and send emails to your customers

This is not all. You can also build your own website, sell products, create your own courses, and even create your own affiliate program and many more features that you can discover by visiting it


Popular content that is widely circulated on social media often contains a lot of important information that gives great benefit to followers

When reading an article, you always want to know if people are sharing it on social media, or you want to know what topics or problems your audience is always looking to solve

This wonderful add-on provided by the famous Buzzsumo company gives you all these capabilities and all you have to do is click on the add button on a website until you get this information

Also, when you register an account with Buzzsumo, you can search for any keyword you want and you will see the most popular articles for that word in terms of participation through social media


When you visit any site on the Internet, you may want to know information about this site, such as the volume and source of traffic that it get, and its arrangement among sites and other information

SimilarWeb extension can be downloaded on Chrome or Firefox browser and enables you to know all the information you want about any site, provided that this site gets good traffic (almost 7000 visits) from any country and any language in the world


This site is one of the best sites where you will find many offers and products from many marketing platforms in one place

Perhaps you work in the field of technology, you will find there most of the affiliate programs that you can promote and also you will find many affiliate programs that will be launched in the near future, so you prepare your marketing campaigns in advance

This site is very wonderful and gives you tremendous information about what is happening in the field of marketing and all the popular products in any niche.

It also shows you the source of any product and how you can subscribe and request its promotion

Google Analytics

The best tool ever in its field, as it provides analysis of your site data and gives you a preference for all the

visits you get such as its location and some important information about your site's SEO and the keywords you depend on

It also gives you a comprehensive analysis of your advertising campaigns by tracking external links whatever method you rely on

Google analytics tool is completely free and as it is clear from its name, it is provided by the giant Google, but it isn't easy to use. You can learn to use it by trying it yourself or through courses available on YouTube and others, but it is better that you learn to use it through the free courses provided by Google itself


Marketers waste a lot of their time promoting marketing programs, following up on the results of campaigns, calculating profits, getting the links you want, and other things.

Sometimes the marketer makes the mistake of forgetting, as he forgets that he was promoting a product and thus forgets to withdraw the profits that he achieves

Affjet tool is a free tool for up to 700 money transfers, and it is a wonderful tool through which you can collect all the data from marketing platforms and programs in one place, and you can follow the numbers, profits and conversion rates with ease

This tool is very easy to use, saves time, and is also free


Whatever niche you work with, social media must be a part of your marketing plans, and in order to do this in the best way, you need a tool to organize your work on these sites

Hootsuite is one of the oldest and best tools in the field, as it schedules the content you want to publish, you can find great analytics on your posts, the most important times to publish, and a lot of useful information

Social media should be among your priorities, through which you can provide good content to your audience thus gaining their trust and increasing the purchase of your products or the products you recommend

Google Trends

This free tool provided by Google reveals to you all the most important trends and topics that are being traded recently, and when you use it in the best way, you will get a better setup for your site

Although many marketers underestimate this tool, it offers a lot of great features such as the comparison feature, through which you can compare any brand or search word and find out what people are really interested in searching for

Being fully aware of all the trends and what is going on around you in any niche is very important and in this way you can discover new opportunities and keep pace with fashion and thus provide better services to your audience before others and thus make more profits


Whether you love Twitter or not, it is really the largest platform that includes influencers in all fields from all over the world in one place, and according to many sources, almost 80% of Twitter users rely on it to know

the latest news and everything new in any field. The case of ordinary people, what about the marketers?

Using Twitter may be a bit difficult, but Twitter itself has provided a tool called TweetDeck that helps you divide your screen into columns to make it easier to use Twitter

Try this tool for yourself to know how amazing it is.

It isn't necessary to rely on Twitter, especially if you are still a newbie in the field of marketing, but starting from the moment you achieve success and want to increase your profits, you should rely on Twitter for that

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