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How to Create the Best Pitch Deck

Best Pitch Deck

By Alex JohnPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

A pitch deck is a formal presentation mostly used by entrepreneurs or fundraisers who want to share their business potential with the audience to get funded for their company's growth.

Businesses use pitch decks to convey their persuasive message and other essential details that convince the investors to invest their time, money, and efforts on behalf of the instructions and statistics. You can create a pitch deck on your own by using any presentation software. But if you want your pitch deck to be exceptional, you need an expert who can make it stand out.

You need a pitch deck to attract potential investors and business partners to convince them that your business is worth investing in. It could be the best way to impress them by showing how your product or service can add value to their lives.

Every business has different dynamics, and when we create a pitch deck, we should keep the content in tune to match the topic. For example, if you have to make a pitch deck on the fitness industry, then you should use relevant themes, content, and infographics for the slides.

To guide you on how you can design your pitch deck, we have gathered 10 stages to define your business in the pitch deck. So, let's get dive into it.

1. Your Business Vision and Value Proposition

Creating your pitch deck by introducing your business vision and value proposition is an important way to pick up a flow that impresses your audience. It should be concise and simple. It’s just like telling someone about something new they haven’t heard before. Make sure that your vision and value proposition has some kind of hook to influence the audience when they see the intro of your pitch deck team slide. One thing you should keep in mind while creating the introduction of your deck is the length of your content, lengthy text can lead to losing the audience’s interest quickly. A short intro helps you to convey your main point to the audience by keeping their attention throughout.

2. Tell About The Problem

In this slide, you need to tell about the problem you are going to solve through your initiative. Describing the problem doesn’t mean getting into detail, you just need to define the main matter in front of the audience. You can also connect a hook in the form of a story that gives you a way to discuss your targeted problem properly. With this slide, you can create a better rhythm of communication to convey your targeted goals relating to your business. Make sure that the problem you are discussing is real, conceivable, and easy to understand for the investors.

3. Define Your Market

This is the slide that you can utilize to define your market. Investors are usually curious to know about your target customers and how you can generate sales from them. You should explain your total market size to the investors and tell them how you will position your product in the market. You have to define your business targets as the investors will want to figure out how many opportunities they will get if they invest in your business. You also have to be clear about your approach for your target market. The more precise you are, the more impactful your pitch will be.

4. Your Product or Service

It's time for you to describe the solution you have developed in the shape of a product or service. You need to be precise about your product or service, tell the investors how customers will use it and how it will be the best option to solve the problems they’re facing. It is an advantageous technique for storytelling, where you build up a scenario to identify the problem and describe how dangerous it is for everyone. One mistake that most businessmen make is that they are very focused on their product when instead they should be more focused on customers and their behavior. Combine your details with an engaging story and use pictures to create a better experience for the audience.

5. Describe Your Revenue Model

When describing your revenue-generating model, you need to define how you can make money and why your customers need to buy your product or service. In addition, you have to explain what your primary source to generate money is. For example, some businesses have advertisers pay charges instead of users, so you should keep your revenue model transparent in your pitch deck team slide.

6. Business Traction and Roadmap

In this slide, you can demonstrate previous sales conditions if you have any. Usually, investors want a quick survey to figure out the progress of your business as this gives them proper insight to consider you for the investment. If you have proof that validates your work to solve your identified problem, talk about that here.

You can use this slide to talk about your business roadmap. It shows what goals you have achieved and the next objectives you are planning to attain. Your defined key milestones in your Product Presentation Template will help you create a good impact on the investors.

7. Business Tactics

You can use this slide to explain technical methods and tactics that you will apply to accomplish your business and customer acquisition goals. Define what marketing strategy you would use to market your product or service in front of the target customers. Finding real customers can usually be difficult for startups. If you have a solid strategy to reach the target market, you can have the assurance that your business will most likely succeed.

8. Overview of Team Members

Here is the time for you to give the investors a proper overview of the team you have. The Pitch Deck Team Slide will tell the investors how competitive you are and what abilities make you different from others. Investors will also want to see the expertise that motivates them to grow their investment portfolio with you. So you will have to be precise when you make and add this slide to your pitch deck team slide.

9. Financial Forecasting

It is high time for you to talk about the financial forecasting of your business. Investors will expect to see your financial planning, sales targets, income statements, and organized cash flow forecast for the upcoming years. Do not use spreadsheets in your slide, as it will be hard for the audience to read it in the pitch deck format. Here are some guides you can use to explain financial forecasting in your pitch deck team slide.

• Use charts and figures instead of spreadsheets.

• Try to use infographics to explain all figures and values.

10. Your Motive

Ultimately, it’s time for you to elaborate your pitch deck team slide motive in front of the investors that you actually want. Your last slide should be impactful for the investors. This slide should clearly explain your motive to the audience, like why you are doing this pitch deck team slide, how much money you require for your company, etc. If you want to make this slide memorable, you can add some motivation in the form of text but make sure it is related to your motive.


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