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How to Continue to Progress in Your Successful Career

Introduction: If you want to achieve success and happiness in your work, you have to manage your career well. Succeeding in your career is beneficial as it improves your quality of life through a high social status and a high income that gives you a secure purchasing power. You do not have to worry about changing jobs multiple times to achieve career progression, as all you have to do is observe these eight career progression strategies.

By Keran MourningPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
Identify with your goals

Before jumping into a career, you need to determine what you want to gain from it; and there is no better way than getting to know yourself. Jobs that make a difference in people’s lives lead to success and satisfaction in life. For a high number of people; sadly, their choice in careers follows a predetermined route that directs them to jobs they loathe.

Fortunately, this does not have to be you. Identify where your life’s desires and interests lie together with what you want to achieve in life. Match them, and you can invest time and effort to seeing them through, leading to your success.

Develop your professional resume.

A resume is a primary way to sell yourself to recruiters by informing them what you are good at, how you can contribute to the success of their organization, and what makes you stand out from the rest. You have to build a well organized and professional resume if you want to achieve career development. In case of difficulties developing a strong resume, services such as Career Booster can help.

Having a professional resume ready at all times ensures that no opportunity will pass you because you are not prepared. Every time an opportunity arises, you will always be ready to compete for it.

Develop a timeline and establish milestones .

Coming up with a timeline and milestones you want to achieve is another strategy on how to be successful in life. Most individuals in their careers face difficulties in scheduling what they need to do to succeed and how to go about it. In most cases, procrastination takes over, and you end up stagnating in a job position for an extended period. Thus, this diminishes your capabilities and ability to become successful.

To overcome these hurdles, involve your boss to keep you on your toes. As your boss and an experienced individual, they can mentor and sponsor you towards your goals and ensure you remain on your toes towards career progression.

Identify opportunities you can engage in to reshape your job .

Identifying opportunities that are parallel to your work to engage in is an essential strategy in progressing in one’s career. Experts at executive CV writing service believe you can go about this in various ways. You can opt to take up tasks meant for your coworkers and work towards succeeding in them, or you can have your boss assign you some of their responsibilities, such as managing the budget.

On the other hand, you can look at your job and identify responsibilities you have neglected and make them a priority. By doing so, you could attain excellent performance and gain a valuable skill that propels your career to success.

Get to know your strengths .

To attain personal improvement, you have to be self-aware. Being conscious of your thoughts, strengths, aspirations, and shortcomings is paramount in helping you succeed despite the conditions you endure. Not only does their awareness help in your career growth, but it also helps you to use your knowledge and intelligence for your benefit.

Use your strengths as the basis by which you select your career; for instance, if you are an impatient person who does not like indoors, then an eight to five o’clock job in an office may not be suitable for you. By doing this, you get an advantage that propels you to succeed in your work.

Take full responsibility for your life .

What sets apart a successful professional from a mediocre one is the capacity to take responsibility whenever something wrong happens. Taking responsibility is one of the strategies for success, which involves accepting the blame even when you have not done something wrong. You learn to take responsibility for the choices you make and avoid blaming others.

The worst thing you can do is blaming others, taking things too personally, and failing to be calm. Such attitudes make it difficult for you to receive training, as well as learn from mistakes. Also, being taught becomes impossible as a failure to take responsibility means you are challenging and cannot be trusted when things go wrong.

Plan short-term and long term .

Taking up new responsibilities can be both exciting and overwhelming. In an attempt to build your career, you may end up taking too many responsibilities that you cannot manage at the same time. Therefore, be realistic about the duties you can undertake and things you can develop.

You can then group them into two. Short-term responsibilities can be those you can complete while continuing with your regular work, such as mentoring new employees. You can consolidate others as long term responsibilities, which are responsibilities that require more of your commitment, such as participating in a new long-term project.

Always raise your standards .

Having high standards is another critical strategy in career building. Your standards determine whether you become successful by influencing your beliefs, how you behave and think. High standards pushes you not to settle but work harder until you accomplish big things, making you successful instead of average.

After about three months, ensure you take stock of your standards and values and determine how much you have achieved through them. In this way, you can improve them small pieces at a time until you meet the highest standards.


Progressing in a successful career necessitates time, effort, and persistence. If you are willing to sacrifice your free time and push yourself out of your comfort zone, you are probable to succeed. Success requires you to take up growth opportunities for learning and building your experience, which helps you to boost your performance in your present job and your future career. Follow the above strategies, and you are sure of having a successful career.


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