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How is Business Strategy Changing?

by Michael Brian Cotter 5 months ago in advice
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Michael Brian Cotter on how business strategy is changing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically transformed how we run businesses. As everything shut down in person for months, we as a society have quickly made the jump to a more technologically advanced marketplace. Unfortunately, this meant you either adapted to the change or went under. If you’re one of the people who are looking to adjust your business strategy to the ever-changing business environment, keep reading!

Customers’ priorities are ever-changing

When you’re looking to figure out what to change, your current and potential customers will be the best place to look. Understanding and placing value on your customers’ concerns is one of the best things that you can do as a business strategist. Whether developing products that can quell your customers’ needs or adding products to the ever-growing list, adapting to your customers’ changing needs can help you satisfy your customers better than a competitor. 

Learn more about different types of strategic mindsets

Your business isn’t the only one that’s going to be growing and changing throughout the years. Because of this, it’s imperative that you take stock of your competitor’s mindset. Some of these mindsets that you’ll need to take stock of are the “create the future” and “fast follower” mindsets, as these are going to be some of the more difficult ones to compete against. However, if you see that a company has a “head in the sand” mindset, you can easily steal those customers away. 

Adjust your business accordingly

Now that you’ve seen how to accommodate your customers’ needs and how to size up your competition, the next logical step is to change your business to fit the needs of the current environment. Business leaders and strategists alike are going to be tasked with making the correct decisions that can help the company out in the long run, whether that be defending against the threats of the competition or seizing the opportunities made available by different businesses.

These choices can range from a number of different topics. Figuring out which group of customers to target, which needs they want to address, and which products to offer can be a good framework for figuring out the customer aspect of things. Then, there are also key things that need to be put in motion, such as product development, manufacturing, and sales, that all can be accomplished by adapting the foundational tools of business strategy that you have. 

About Michael Brian Cotter

Michael Brian Cotter is someone who always has the future in mind. Often viewed as an agent of change, Michael is someone who is an invaluable asset to any team he is a part of. He's an incredibly experienced business professional, having worked in the information technology and e-commerce space for years. It's no secret that people value Michael's opinion. Michael is also a natural at customer relationship management, business strategy, management consulting, strategic analysis, customer retention, and financial management.

One of the things that drives Michael Brian Cotter is his passion for water-centric technology. His dream is to make clean water accessible to everyone, especially those in third-world countries.

When he's not working, Michael Brian Cotter is an active participant in a healthy lifestyle. His current diet consists of a rigorous gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free diet, and one of his great pleasures is motivating the people around them to be the best that they can be health-wise. Michael is also someone who knows the value of leading by example. Because of this, he prefers to work with the organizations that put a special emphasis on valuing human resource development. Follow,, and to learn more about Michael!


About the author

Michael Brian Cotter

Michael Brian Cotter is an experienced business professional who is passionate about health and fitness and access to clean water. To learn more about Michael, be sure to check out his websites!

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