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How Can UV Business Cards Help Your Real Estate Business?

by damjnav a 2 months ago in product review
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Are you looking for real estate high gloss business cards in Canada? This story is for you.

Real Estate High Gloss Business Cards

Distributing business cards is a convenient way to keep in touch with your clients. Business cards are easy to carry and hand out. Plus, you can get loads of them at reasonable prices. An amateur business card will reflect poorly on you as the business owner of a company or a real estate agent. So, what is the solution? A professional business card shows the level of seriousness on your part in the work you do. This mentality is why many people are more careful in choosing the most suitable material for their business cards. The design matters, as well. But a good quality business card allows for a better application of the design in the end.

But first, you need to find a place to get your business cards from. There are many online services offering printing products these days. For example, Agent Print's website allows people to choose from dozens of products, including real estate UV or high gloss business cards. There are many acknowledged online printing service providers available. So, you may do your research and find the best of the best in case of quality and service.

What Should We Know About UV Gloss Business Cards?

A good quality real estate business card has some features. Its characteristics make a card memorable and the other a failure. So, what are the things to consider before ordering real estate UV business cards online? What are the hallmarks that make this product the ideal choice for many real estate agents and brokers?

Your Business Card Reflects on You

This sentence might come off as a cliché. But you are known by the impressions you give to others. Part of this first impression comes from the initial small talk you may have with your prospects. But the other share includes how others perceive your business card. A high-quality card can convince people that you are a pro in what you do. Therefore, it is the investment in business cards that can change your fortune for the better.

What Are the Features of a UV Business Card?

Why are some people in love with these cards? There must be a reason, surely. Well, the benefits persuade many to go for them. One of the great things about high gloss paper stock is the shine you see over the surface. The added shine seems fancy. Bring in your mind a house with a luxurious indoor design. Everything in there is brand new and stylish. But the exterior screams old-fashioned! Everything is broken and needs immediate care. Many claim the same goes for a real estate agent who does not have a luxurious business card. A business card with glare and a deluxe quality screams professionalism. More people will pick you as their representative while buying or selling a property, respectively.

UV Gloss Is Perfect for Colorful Pictures

Sometimes, a picture speaks a thousand words. So, a headshot of you in an approachable figure will persuade more people to choose you over others. But what is the best material for printing images and logos? The answer is the UV gloss paper stock. With this material, the final result will have brighter pictures with a higher resolution. Plus, the colors will not fade into one another or smudge over time. Therefore, UV gloss business cards show your photos in the best quality available. One more note is that because of the coloring methods, they will not fade or change colors.

High Gloss Paper Is More Durable

Another advantage of high gloss paper is its longevity. Therefore, this kind of paper stock will last longer over time. Part of this is due to the thicker final product you get with a high gloss finish. The truth is that the same coating is applied on both matte paper stock and high gloss paper. However, the amount of the applied coating is more for the real estate high gloss business card. Therefore, your final product will feel thicker and heavier. When a paper product has the mentioned qualities, we relate this to a higher quality material unconsciously. We might not even be aware of this effect. But the material will last longer for real, too. So, the assumptions are not wrong. A professional business card implies that you have the will to keep going in what you do. And what better way is there to show it than by a high-quality business card? So, this characteristic is another reason why people decide to go with high gloss cards.

The thicker business card quality has its bonus points, too. For example, it will make the card resistant to bending and crumpling. Moreover, the edges will not lose their shape or split in time.

Pros of UV (High-Gloss) Business Cards:

  • Looking more luxurious and professional
  • better picture quality
  • more vibrant colors
  • more durable: crumpling and bending resistant

What Are Some Disadvantages of UV Business Cards?

These points may not directly be the negative aspects of UV paper stocks. However, there may be some positive points in a real estate matte business card. And we may not see the same features in a UV one. For example, a matte business card is better for written texts. They present a more legible final quality. The logic behind this is the small amount of glare they reflect. But on a positive note, the shine makes UV business cards better for printing pictures on them.

Real Estate Matte Business Cards

The other disadvantage could be the imprints of fingers that may stay on UV gloss paper. The good thing is that you can wipe it off in no time. Plus, you would need greasy hands to make these marks. As long as you keep your hands clean, your cards are safe until you hand them out to your prospective clients.

One more thing about matte business cards is that you are able to write on them. This feature may prove valuable when you want to add a note or update a number as the real estate agent before handing out the cards. Other than that, when you can write on the cards, it means they can get dirty faster. Imagine putting the card next to a pen in a handbag. At the end of the day, the ink may get all over. So, it may not come in as handy at all times to have a matte paper stock. Still, some may prefer the positive features that matte business cards provide.

Cons of UV (High-Gloss) Business Cards:

  • Not suitable for lengthy texts
  • Keeping fingerprints
  • Not a writable surface

Some Hacks and Tips

It is correct that UV coating gives some extra thickness to your card. However, you should decide on thicker paper stock, as well. The thicker and heavier paper material will make the final card look more professional. You are choosing a luxurious option. Why do you not take the extra steps? 14 to 18 pt paper stocks are the available options on most printing supplier websites. But the 18 pt offer is advised by the experts in the printing companies.

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