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How can I get my Learner's Permit in Virginia?

To obtain a full license, one must first obtain a learner's permit. You can practice driving with the help of a licensed adult under the supervision of the permit.

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You've come to the right site if you're searching to receive your Virginia learner's permit. We'll go over all the specifics in this article so you'll know exactly what to do and what to anticipate.

To obtain a full license, one must first obtain a learner's permit. You can practice driving with the help of a licensed adult under the supervision of the permit.

Virginia license plates information

In Virginia, you may actually register and title your car at the same time. It's not a really difficult or drawn-out process. Simply prepare your paperwork, carry out a few easy actions, and you're done. You can go through the fill-in procedure for Virginia license plates as soon as you receive the registration certificate.

There are several different types of number tag options available from the state. First off, VA tags stand out thanks to their distinctive design, which features a white backdrop with the word "Virginia" inscribed in blue. If we use numbers, there are more than 250 types available if you want to demonstrate your individuality.

Is the ability to drive a privilege or a right?

Obtaining your first driver's license is a significant accomplishment. It is seen by many as a "rite of passage" and a crucial first step in gaining independence and maturing into a young adult.

The Commonwealth of Virginia's constitution and statutes do not guarantee the "right" to drive. Parents "privilege" their kids with the ability to drive. The privilege could be withdrawn or revoked if it is misused. It's crucial that you are aware of the law of the road, abide by it, and learn to drive safely and responsibly while sharing the road with other drivers.

Even the most experienced drivers struggle with the complexity of driving. It is particularly challenging for new drivers and can be fatal. In actuality, fatal car accidents are the main killer of people between the ages of 15 and 20.


When you are 15 years and 6 months old, you can get a learner's permit. The criteria, however, will vary a little bit based on your age.

If you are under the age of 18, you must finish a driving education course that has been approved by the state and hold your learner's permit for at least nine months. Additionally, 45 hours of supervised driving are required, at least 15 of which must be after dark. You must finish this practice in their presence, and your parent or legal guardian must certify this by signing.

To apply for a driver's license, you must attend a juvenile licensing ceremony with a parent or legal guardian when you are at least 16 years old and 3 months.

Before applying for a driver's license, adults over the age of 18 who have never held a license must have their permit in hand for at least 60 days and show documentation that they have successfully completed a driver education course. If you are older than 18, the licensing ceremony won't be required.

How to get learner’s permit in Virginia

Here are the procedures you must follow to obtain your permit.

Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles

You will submit your driver's license permit application to the Virginia DMV. You may print the form and complete it prior to your visit or do so while at the DMV. Your parent or legal guardian must approve your application if you are younger than 18.

Present supporting documentation

Like all visits to the DMV, you will need to produce documents to receive your learner permit. To determine which documents you must bring, consult the Virginia DMV's document guide.

  • evidence of identity
  • Virginia residency statement
  • social security number documentation

Pass the knowledge test

One of the key requirements for obtaining a Virginia learner's permit is passing the knowledge test. The test is divided into two halves. You will initially be tested on traffic signs followed by general traffic rules across the state of Virginia. Before going on to the next section, all 10 questions on traffic signs must be successfully answered. In the second part, there are 30 questions, and you must correctly respond to 80% of them to pass.

Take the vision test

A vision exam will be performed when you apply for your permit. To pass, you must have vision that is at least 20/40.

Pay fees for permit

There is a $3 permit fee in effect as of this writing.

Get the permit

After successfully completing each phase, you will eventually be able to issue a Virginia learner's permit.

Permit restrictions

While they have their permission, drivers are subject to a number of limitations.

Driving after midnight

Teenagers are not permitted to drive between the hours of midnight and four in the morning, with the exception of trips to or from work, school, or religious events. If a family member over the age of 18 is with you or you need to drive a car in an emergency, you may also drive during these hours.

Restrictions for passengers

You can carry one passenger who is under the age of 21, unless your parent who has license is accompanying you. If a licensed driver over the age of 21 is in the front passenger seat, or if you are driving to or from school, three passengers may accompany you.

Restrictions for electronics

You cannot use gadgets, whether hand-held or hands-free at any time.

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