How Brands Can Use Live Streaming with Facebook Stores

How Brands Are Using Live Streaming Video Successfully

How Brands Can Use Live Streaming with Facebook Stores

What is Live-Streaming, and how is it helpful?

Live Streaming is the online streaming of video content that is recorded and broadcasted at the same time. The concept has become popular on many platforms such as Facebook Live, Douyu, Periscope, and others.

Many brands have nailed the strategy of integrating this technology to get maximum exposure and reaching out to the right customer. They conduct events, promotions, and stream on this platform. This helps to gather a massive audience, assisting in the right promotion of their service or product.

If you want to reach out to a broader and younger audience, then Live Streaming could be a good option for you.

How can you make your Live Streaming strategy successful?

Executing Live streaming, need specific tactics. The content should be entertaining to hook the audience. You can make it a little quirky and enigmatic. Your content should never have any dull moment to keep the audience engaged.

Facebook Live has become one of the popular options for many brands, as it uniquely captures the niche market.

How Facebook Live works?

Facebook Live is a feature on Facebook. It uses the camera integrated in the mobile phone or the system to Live stream the real-time video. The broadcasters using this process can decide who can view their content for better reach and results.

The useful techniques that you can use to go live are:

1) Experimenting with ideas:

You should be open to new ideas. Without that, you cannot make exciting and adventurous content. The audience on Live Stream wants action at every moment. They strongly abhor any idle moment. So, make the content lively and happy to keep them wanting more.

The below example is one of the fine examples, to create an engaging content:

Asos, The UK-based fashion retailer, launched a Facebook live stream some years back named as “100 layers of Asos.” The stream had a model who was dressed up by two staff members with 100 layers of clothing from the brand. They did it within 30 minutes. The show received around 63,543 views and many comments.

The number of comments it received is commendable. You can watch the complete video below:

2) Stand-out from the competition:

With a good number of businesses in the market, one needs to stand out from the competition. Facebook Live helps you to give that edge to attract the right set of audience. It provides you with the right platform so that you can entice the audience the best way.

The best way is to make your “Video visually engaging.” Pulling your audience with the visual content can make you stand out. Attractive visuals have the power to grab the audience’s attention for a longer span.

You must have heard the adage, all that glitters is not gold, but on this platform, the scenario is vice-versa.

If your content does not glitter, then the audience will not notice you!!!!!

The strategy used by the Madden video game series is one of the relevant examples. The marketing team went behind the scenes to have the right coverage of the players, and then share it with the fans. Later the Tonight show used the Facebook Live for showing the same footage to the audience. The “behind the scene footage” can make you stand out from the competition.

Below, you can see how Madden used Facebook Live video, in the 2019 championship final:

You can make your content glitter and engaging with the following steps:

Use the right USB webcam: Most of the time, the webcam of the computer does not work well. So, here you can use the USB webcam that can fit well in the USB port of your computer. Keep in mind you need to have the best Wi-Fi signal for broadcasting live from your computer.

Lighting: A good lighting is absolutely necessary for a Live Stream video. You can have all the best technologies, but if your lighting sucks, then your Live Video will falter badly!!!!

Try testing your broadcast in different locations. This can give you an idea of how your video would look like in real-time. Make the right use of the natural light as well as the artificial ones, for an impactful Live Video.

3) Create the right hype:

Hype does not mean that you have to be too aggressive in your promotional tactics, but yes, it does mean that you have to adopt the right strategy to make your product or service an exciting one.

A live sales of your designed clothes?

Isn’t that interesting!!!!

The audience would be given a limited time and opportunity to grab the sales with great offers. This could have a significant psychological impact on the consumer’s mind. Every customer wants the product that is shortage in supply. They have the mindset the product would be a good quality to be high in demand.

Find the below example:

Here, you see how the sale of clothes was successful on Facebook Live video.

As a marketer, you have to use this mindset to your advantage and acquire the right sales.

4) Use the video content for your benefit:

Video content is known to have an ever-lasting impression on the minds of the consumer.

83% of the businesses have stated that video helps them to generate excellent ROI.

Livestream is the live video content.

It can simultaneously engage the audience, answer their queries, and connect the right way. The audience is also known to recall the video content more easily than any other form of medium.

So, include some novel concepts in your video, and generate the interest among the audience.

You would witness a boost in the number of people watching your content.

Find the below example:

The presenters answered their fan questions promptly and informed them more of the Martha Stewart resources and products. The video raked more than half a million views.

5) Takes online shopping to the next level:

Online shopping is popular among the Millennial and Gen-Z generation, but do you know, you can make their experience more exciting with the Live Streaming feature in Facebook?

There is no interaction process in online shopping, while in Live Streaming, one can have a continual interaction with the seller. As a marketer, ensure to have an uninterrupted communication with the viewer.

This would help you to provide better customer experience!!!

In the competitive world, a good customer experience is what most of the brands aim for. The online shopping experience with Live Stream makes the process streamlined and effective.

6) Make the content spontaneous:

A spontaneous video content makes the interaction useful.

Don’t you feel the same excitement while watching a reality show?

The same excitement, the viewer feels while watching your Live Stream video content. It makes the viewers anticipate the next moment. The fresh, unrefined, content build up from scratch gives a realistic touch to the streamed content. These moments are mostly edited in other shows to produce professional content, while here, it is cherished as the audience can feel the content.

The Live Q&A makes the content spontaneous. Below you can see the live video of the same, where the weather channel answers the queries of the audience about the storm. They would give the required updates on the same.

As stated by Lucy Clarke, one of the marketing directors:

“The best viral content on live feeds we see is when there is anticipation built, you’re on the edge of your seat because you’re waiting for something or you know something can potentially go wrong.”

7) Motivating viewers to share the content:

In the current scenario, your popularity is judged by the number of views and shares you get. If the content hits the right chord with the viewer, then they would share the content themselves; otherwise, you could always motivate them to do the same.

This would boost your brand promotion.

8) Offering viewers something new:

Most of the audience looks for value in the content. So, as a marketer, if you develop the content that makes them learn something new or gain knowledge from it, then you have the upper hand from the rest of your competitors.

Find the below example:

Here Target is promoting its affordable home décor themes with an entertaining content for younger audience on Facebook Live.

You can always make the content professional, knowledgeable and entertaining!!!!


With the introduction of new trends and practices in the market, Live Stream is one of the unmissable trends that a marketer cannot afford to do. Consumers remember those brands that are conditioned in a significant way into their minds.

Live Streaming provides you the required tactics to be always on the minds of the customer.

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