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Hoping Dreams Come True

Another day in the Books

By Tammy hopkinsonPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Hoping Dreams Come True
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Hi, my name is Tammy Hopkinson, MBA; she has spent her life working hard, raising a family, and doing everything for my family. All the while never thinking about what she wants out of life. Tammy loves to write and has tried to spend her time writing, because she can write some good stories. She started writing years ago in a journal about things that; she would want to accomplish in her life! One of those she wanted to accomplish was raising her family was one of those goals to make sure they had the things they needed to make it through.

Another dream of hers was to own a business of her very own. Something she could leave behind so that they would never have to worry about things again. Although, that dream has not arrived in her life yet! Her lifelong dream is to have a Coffee Shop named Momma's Shop! Momma's Shop would sell coffee; a variety of home-cooked meals to the customer's that she loves so much. She has worked for a company that she has worked for, for twenty-plus years.

Dreams come with a price and need investors, money, and time to put together. She knows the ins and outs of the business and would like to put her skills to use with something of her own. She wants to be financially sound and in business for herself. Throughout your life, you make decisions that affect your life. If you make the wrong ones, you pay the price of those decisions. She would probably be in a better spot in her life if she had learned from the mistakes that she made all those years ago! Now, she is older, wiser, and is ready for the challenge of making it all about her and what she wants out of life!

She knows in her heart that people would love Momma's Shop because she would provide the best customer service and treat her customers like they are family! The company she works for is great the customers are the best part of the job! In any line of work, great conversation is the key to building the perfect relationship with the customers that come in to see you! Because in reality, they are the ones that pay the bills; because you provide them with customer service, a good meal, and great conversation. When you build your clientele up throughout the days, you are open; you build strong relationships with the customers you serve. You want to build those relationships because you have been in their shoes somewhere along the way! There are always obstacles in your way, and you have to find the right way to overcome any; obstacles you may face throughout the process of achieving your dreams!

She has started on one of her dreams writing! is one of the many websites she uses to put her journal entries and stories for the public to see. Writing is something she started years ago, but when she decided to start her blog, she did not; realize; the effect it would have all across the world. Since starting her blog in 2011, she has had 63,388 views of the blog that she created. In 2017, she started another blog on which, is a site where you can be creative and post stories that other people around the world can see. It makes her feel exquisite to see her work; being viewed from everywhere in the world. She has two dreams for the rest of her life! Two of the dreams are writing and owning her own company one day!


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Tammy hopkinson

She loves to write and spend time with the family. It has not always been an easy road but, it never is. I hope that you enjoy the articles that I write.

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