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i'm late

By ChloePublished 4 months ago 3 min read
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hello vocal.

I've been busying myself with girl scouts, snow tubing, writing the sequel to my first book, becoming a decent artist, and doing basically everything except writing on Vocal.

I dunno why, so don't ask me. I suppose I just lost interest. I have elsewhere to write stories and enter them into contests.

But I suppose, since I have 54 faithful people impatiently waiting for my next story to come out, that I should occasionally post some of my work-in-progresses. Or my other things. Or just anything I want. Ever.

Unfortunately for me, because of personal and monetary problems, I. no longer have Vocal+, although I don't care too much. If I see a story prompt in the Challenges restricted to Vocal+ that I like, I'll just write about it anyway. You can't stop me there.

I suppose the problem that I have with Vocal is that if I get up to do something, or anything else, even something little and trivial, while writing a short personal essay such as this, I happen to immediately discard what I was writing about before upon finding it totally unimportant and frivolous. Any and all pauses cause me to feel discouraged, and then I stop writing because I find that writing out feelings towards a group of unrelenting and rarely kind people who shove their beliefs in your face (not you directly, I assure you; those who do it know who they are) is not going to change anything about them, just like arguing with people online will not change their attitudes at all.

It's quite frustrating, but at the moment I'll have to deal with it.

Since I no longer have Vocal+ I also no longer have the privilege of going back with Quick Edit if I read any mistakes, so spare me your clamboring over my possible typos and keep your pile hole shut, for my sakes. People make mistakes, and I for one am part of that group of people- as is everyone, no matter what you "think" you are. Leave me to my own mistakes on my own.

I also end up finding that sometimes I'd rather cut a story or emotional essay short so that...

See, I've done it again. I've taken a very brief pause to go and do something entirely unproductive and have just lost all and any interest in this project of writing.

As I was saying, I believe that the word limit for emotional essays or short story should not be minimized to 600, since at certain times of day or night that seems impossible to fulfill, especially when I want to get a message out quickly and easily. I also think that the 100-word minimal for poetry is a but much, but that's just me, as I could guess.

Another reason why I happened to leave Vocal for absolutely no reason is because I just don't like it here. If you say one thing that does not reflect the beliefs of the fascinated culture the people jump on you like a pack of wild dogs (not you specifically; if you were bullied then you understand who or what I speak of in terms of "wild dogs"), and that I don't like. How can I express myself by writing however I wish to if there are secret guards prowling about, ready to pounce if I say one word out of place?

But this is where I learn to be careful of what I say, or what I put in suspicious quotation marks. Not many people know about Vocal, I reckon, so I suppose it's best if I stay here for a little while longer and work on my writer's etiquette... or don't, and just continue the MGTGD series (no, I haven't forgotten about it) and write the occasional distraught and depressed poem, or something about my smitten kitten Pippin.

If you're wondering, I do tend to speak much more formally on paper or in writing than I do out loud. It's something to do with the unhappy lisp I've had ever since an oral surgery a few months back. I never sound quite right, I think. I use better words when I'm not hesitating or stuttering or using "um."


No hard feelings, by the way. I've just been wanting to say some things since I took that break.

And if you do happen to feel hard feelings about being categorized in a pack of ravaging dogs, I was once categorized that, too, because of an author who claimed that all Republicans are "packs of wild dogs." So please, go buy a helmet and some armor, because you may be insulted once in a while.

Then again, don't argue with me.

Really, don't.

I'm not old enough to know everything yet. Though I'm sure there's an age where you eventually do.

Just guess. And don't be mad at me. Have a nice day, ladies and gentlemen (and whatever else you might imagine to be).

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  • Shirley Belk4 months ago

    Hi Chloe, Don't give up!

  • Toby Heward4 months ago

    Well, at least your still going at it.

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