Here's How My New Job in Hell Went This Weekend

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I'm not kidding.

Here's How My New Job in Hell Went This Weekend

I'm going to tell you a story about my weekend, and how one of my jobs managed to ruin it over the course of three days. I'm going to gloss over names; one is a popular chain restaurant, the other a noteworthy place in my town. Their names are unimportant; I want to tell you guys the horrors I faced without fear that on top of EVERYTHING I also end up fired.

I work two jobs and I'm in college. I'm in my senior year of college, and I'm taking 15 credit hours. By now you might be asking, and I can indeed confirm, I'm tired. I have class M, T, W, R but no classes on Friday and the weekend, when I work at both my jobs. The reason I work the second job is because the first job is SO FAR from my house that I needed an extra source of income; I don't have enough time to drive there after class during the school week. Now they have me on weekend nights as well, which clearly is not going to work out.

My Friday starts out the same as any other: I wake up at 8 AM, kiss my dog and boyfriend goodbye, and make the 1+ hour drive to my first job, which if I hadn't mentioned yet, is in another state. The shift goes well, and I manage to leave early; I go home and change for my second job in just enough time to be late for my shift at said second job. That night went relatively well, and I went home early and relaxed.

Saturday I only was supposed to work at my second job. I figured this would be an easy day; the pay at this job might suck, but the job is easy and I never have too much trouble doing it. I'm a hostess, so I basically stand around until I get a table to clean or some people to sit. It's tedious, but it's never been unmanageable.

Welcome to my circle of hell.

It was actually crazy busy that day and I ended up working a 9+hour day. I was tired from the day before, but it wasn't awful during the day. I even managed to scrap out a 20 minute food break. I tried the restaurant's chicken and hung out with the food runner that was on that day.

After my break, I got swamped with people; about 30 parties came in within two hours. I was hosting alone and was chasing down people who refused to take tables. I had no management helping me; they were outside towing someone's car, and I was left to fend for myself. We were understaffed and everyone was mad that the managers were either disappearing on people or outside with the tow company. Two of the restaurant owners came in, and one of them ended up helping me out until I left. I even got to go outside to stress cry, which I needed since I had never worked a busy night there (this is my second week) and, again, had had no help until he came in. I was exhausted, but I honestly felt good because he gave me some additional training. By the end of the night, I was ready to go home and rest before my shift at my other job the next day.

After my shift is finally over, I walked outside into the employee parking lot. I was so tired I thought I couldn't see my car. Well, I wasn't as tired as I thought; my car was just gone.

I went inside and pulled aside a manager and asked, "Hey, what kind of car did you guys tow today?"

She looks at me and asks, "What kind of car do you drive?"

"A silver XYZ."

Her eyes get wide and she kind of goes, "Ohh."

I threw my keys down and started to sob hysterically. This was the worst thing ever. They had towed my fucking car. They had towed my car while I was running around like a madman half the night, and now I was going to have to call my boyfriend away from his job to come and get me. They had been outside not helping me because they were too busy towing my car to come inside and see if the staff needed help.

She kind of looks at me and is like, "Do you want a ride home?"

"I need my car. It has my prescriptions in it and I have to go to my other job tomorrow."

So she and the other manager come up and they start texting in front of me. No one saids anything, they just stand there on their phones. I'm fuming.

"We asked everyone—" the other manager begins.

"You didn't ask me. I've been here since 12, I've got a dog at home that hasn't been let out since my boyfriend went to work, and I have to work at my other job tomorrow. This is not okay."

Again, they go back to their phones. And keep in mind, I didn't get an,\ "I'm sorry," or "We feel really bad" or anything. I'm struggling to pay bills and freaked out at the idea of paying a tow fee from the place I just started to work at. The money that I earned that day would literally be spent on getting my car.

I end up talking to the tow truck company and the bill ends up being $25. My boyfriend comes to get me, and he's holding me while I shake uncontrollably outside the restaurant. The same owner that helped me earlier comes outside. He apologizes, said the mangers are going to pay for anything that the tow company says I owe, and that it's possibly my fault because employees usually park further down the parking lot.

My boyfriend has to half carry me to the car, because at this point I'm dehydrated and sick. My stomach hurts so bad that I ask him to take me to the hospital after we get the car. But then I go, "Wait, never mind, we can't afford it."

I work two jobs and I can't even afford a hospital visit when one of those jobs has actually made me ill. Let that sink in.

My boyfriend and I drive over to the place and low and behold, there is my xyz directly in front of the fence. It just so happens that the guy, Travis, who towed the car that afternoon, is there to unlock the gate for us. He's as shocked as I was:

"You work there? They told me the car had been sitting there abandoned for two days."

No, Travis, it didn't.

We get home and I sprint into the bathroom. I projectile vomit for a solid 20 minutes. It turns out that the bar not only towed my car but also gave me food poisoning. Remember that chicken I ate? Yeah, it was pink toward the middle. They had fed me raw chicken.

So Sunday, I had to call out of the good paying job that I have because my job in hell gave me food poisoning and trauma. And, again, I work two jobs, but can't afford a trip to the doctor to fix the illness the second job inflicted on me.

On the upside, I have a job interview tomorrow. If that goes horribly, you should expect a new post from me soon. ;)

Maddy Teaster
Maddy Teaster
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