Fuck a "Starving" Artist, I'm Mad

by Ericka Noelle 6 months ago in career

Artists should be able to claim disability, js. Don't @ me.

Fuck a "Starving" Artist, I'm Mad

I'm so fucking pissed right now and I've realized when I'm pissed off, is actually when I do some of my best creative work, so here are all of my emotions, paint whatever pic you want with them—even if it's of me doing incoherent shit like yelling at a wall or preaching to the choir.

So, how the fuck am I supposed to live this life (that I didn't ask for) when all I ever want to do is create, share, and love, and NO ONE wants to compensate me for that?

I've spent countless hours begging these mother fuckers for terrible ass jobs. I mean, have you ever really taken the time to look at this whole job cycle thing? Umm... they lie on the job descriptions, trying to make the shittiest of jobs look appealing. Then you've got to lie on your resume to impress these CON ARTISTS so that they'll give you SOMETHING, but only after 100 applications, 50 follow up emails, 25 phone conversations, and 10 interviews, and five fucking weeks go by, you might land that shitty piece of shit job only to stay at it, completely miserable, for as long as you can so you don't have to get back out there and start the whole violent thing over again.

I have been working odd jobs for years! Sales, tutoring/ subbing, banking, pharmacy, personal assistant, and so on... I've actually sworn off of call centers (I'd honestly rather be homeless) but you name it and I would give it it a shot and you would THINK that having a lot of experience would make you a well-rounded candidate, but NOOOO! After extensive professional work and a degree, I don't have any "focused" skills and they don't know where I'd "best fit."

I'd like to know how many people on the edge of their mental rope could attribute their state to not being able to make ends meet and find a "best fit" job to go to everyday, despite being highly skilled and valuable to society. Without the creatives you have nothing, people! You don't have fashion or design, you don't have software or program, you don't have entertainment or leisure!!!

Why are creative jobs so few and far between and FUCK all of you fucking bloggers that make money off of these stupid ads for remote working and "ways to make money online" I'M SORRY BUT SURVEYS DO NO COUNT AS A REASONABLE WAY TO MAKE MONEY. ALSO, please stop listing "blogging" as a way to make money from home because if I have to be a misleading asshole to do it, YOU CAN KEEP THAT SHIT. Fuck you, I suck, whatever.

Does anyone know of a country I can move to that appreciates the creative and the rebel? I might even be looking for a different planet but if you know of anything, help a sista out.


Ericka Noelle
Ericka Noelle
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