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Feet Finder App for iPhone — Try FunwithFeet for Selling Feet Pics

Can You Download FeetFinder App For iPhone?

By Sarmad MayoPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Feetfinder is an online platform where people can sell and buy foot fetish content. It connects foot models and creators with buyers who have a foot fetish.

On Feetfinder, models can set up a profile and upload foot photos/videos. Buyers can purchase this content directly from the models’ profiles.

Some key things to know about Feetfinder:

  • It was launched in 2019 as a dedicated marketplace for the foot fetish niche.
  • Sellers can sell foot photos, videos, worn socks/shoes, custom clips, live video chats etc.
  • Buyers need to purchase a subscription plan to access seller profiles and content.
  • Sellers also need to pay a monthly subscription fee to maintain their profile.
  • Feetfinder handles all payments and takes a 20% commission from sellers.
  • Sellers must be 18+ years old to join Feetfinder.
  • Feetfinder provides promotion, marketing tools and verification for foot sellers.

How FeetFinder Makes Money?

Feetfinder is a platform that caters specifically to the foot fetish market by connecting buyers and sellers of foot-related content. It makes money through commissions and subscription fees.

Feet Finder App for iPhone?

Many people looking to sell feet pics online are searching for a “Feet Finder app iPhone”. However, Feet Finder currently does not have an official iPhone app available for download.

This leaves iPhone users wondering how to use Feet Finder to sell feet pics. But as a new seller, I recommend checking out FunwithFeet instead. Here’s why:

make money from Feet Pics

Feet Finder Charges Big Commissions

Feet Finder charges sellers a 20% commission on every sale. This significant cut into your earnings makes it hard for new creators to get started. You have to sell a lot just to make decent money after the high commission.

This is why Feetfinder is not feasible for new sellers to make a decent feetfinder income.

High Saturated With Sellers

Feetfinder is a leading platform for selling Feet pics, But now it has over-saturated with many new sellers that they are not getting a single sale on Feet pictures.

Harder to Get Sales as a New Seller on Feet Finder

The platform is flooded with established foot models who already have a big fan following. As a beginner, you likely won’t get many sales initially. The high commissions further reduce your profits from any sales.

FunwithFeet Has No Commissions and Balanced Supply & Demand

FunwithFeet is an online marketplace for buying and selling Feet pictures. FunwithFeet does not charge any sales commission. You keep 100% of your earnings. They make money through affordable monthly subscriptions.

There is also a good balance of feet pics buyers and sellers on FunwithFeet. This makes it easier to get your first few sales as a new creator there.

Lower Subscription Fees for Sellers on FunwithFeet

FunwithFeet only charges sellers a low subscription fee of $9.99 for three months to maintain their portfolio. Feet Finder’s monthly seller fee is higher at $19.99.

FunwithFeet Offers Better Tools for Sellers

You get handy features on FunwithFeet like customizable profiles, photo editing, promotional tools, profile analytics, chat, and more. THis makes FunwithFeet a best platform to sell feet pics for new sellers

Join FunwithFeet to Start Your Foot Modeling Career

Since Feet Finder does not have an iPhone app yet, I recommend new foot photo sellers join FunwithFeet. The lower costs, balanced marketplace, and great seller tools make it easier to start your foot modeling career there.

So don’t waste time waiting for a Feet Finder iPhone app. Sign up on FunwithFeet today to start selling your feet pics successfully!

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