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Entry Level Jobs in Silicon Valley

by Kevin Gardner 3 years ago in career
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Jobs in a Tough Market

If you are a student in college who is about to graduate this spring, you may want to consider moving to Silicon Valley if you want to have the highest chances of getting an entry level job that you will enjoy. As Silicon Valley is large and there are many types of different jobs, you are nearly guaranteed to get a job in Silicon Valley if you look hard enough and consider many different kinds of careers that relate to each other but are slightly different. For example, you can do a wide variety of types of entry-level jobs as a recent college graduate if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can choose to work at a finance firm or a tech startup company if you enjoy technology and economics, or you can work for a health insurance company if your degree is in the health sciences.

Starting Your Own Business In Silicon Valley

If you want to use your skills in order to start your own business in Silicon Valley, you are in an ideal place, as you are likely to find a significant amount of clients quickly if you are strong in your niche that you base your business on. For example, if you want to work in technology, you can be a consultant for people who need help fixing their computers. As many people need to use computers in the San Francisco Bay Area, this will let you get a wide variety of clients which gives you an excellent working experience as well as significant job security you may not be able to find in other locations.

Jobs In Silicon Valley Are Competitive

As jobs in Silicon Valley tend to be very competitive, it is crucial to consider the types of jobs you truly excel at and then selectively apply to 150 to 200 jobs in the fields that you are strong at. There are many types of jobs in Silicon Valley, but you have an exceptional amount of options in a city like San Francisco. One benefit of working in the city is there is no shortage of San Francisco conference rooms for your company events. While it is costly to live in San Francisco, you can still work there and commute to a town nearby with a lower cost of living. In fact, you can decide to move to a city outside the Silicon Valley such as in Stockton, California if you want to get access to the highest paying jobs and do not mind a long commute. Oftentimes, people commute long distances for entry-level employment in the Silicon Valley, because it's highly desirable and comfortable for people who enjoy working in an office setting. It is a good idea to try and get a job in San Francisco where you can manage other people.

Going Back To School In Order To Get A Higher Paying Job In Silicon Valley

You can also choose to go back to school in Silicon Valley if you decide that you would like to have a career where a master's degree is very beneficial. If you want to make sure that you can make the most amount of money that you possibly can in your lifetime, it is important to have as many options as possible so that you can carefully evaluate your possibilities to advance within your career. For example, you can choose to accept less money at an entry level job if you know it is in a field that interests you and you know that you have a chance to advance at the company that you will be working at in the next 5 to 10 years. Therefore, when you live in Silicon Valley, you should think long and hard about the career path you want to follow to be successful in life.


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