Digital marketing for medical clinics

How to apply Inbound Marketing in my medical clinic?

Digital marketing for medical clinics

According to a survey conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), over 181.1 million Brazilians are connected to the internet in 2019, which means that seven out of ten Brazilians are browsing the web.

That information alone makes it clear that your clinic or doctor's office needs to be present and active on Internet platforms, right?

For this reason, you need to dedicate yourself to a new reality of communication, digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not so different from traditional marketing, the difference is that now you have new possibilities to apply the strategy in the world of technology.

And of course, the objective remains the same, to attract new patients, only now it is possible to achieve this through the digital world.

For this reason, we at Blog Dental Office have prepared this article with the main principles of digital marketing for clinics and medical offices .

Prepared? Come on?

What is Inbound Marketing?

If you have read the Marketing Glossary produced by us at Dental Office, then you already know what Inbound Marketing is.

Recalling, they are strategies for attracting potential patients through implicit content, using subjective sales language.

In other words, Inbound Marketing is a strategy that aims to attract people's interest, it is also known as attraction marketing.

Rather than chasing after new patients, this strategy allows that audience to chase after your clinic or doctor's office.

How to apply Inbound Marketing in my medical clinic?

This strategy is based on the idea of ​​creating content to create a healthy relationship with your potential customers (the target audience: people who can become patients at your clinic or office).

So, but how can you apply Inbound Marketing to your business?

To do this, you need to understand the three pillars of this strategy:

1 - Attract potential patients:

Do you know when you are very hungry and do a search to find restaurants and snack bars near your location?

This same process happens with people who need a doctor and are close to your clinic / office.

But, if you don't know how to do Inbound Marketing and apply the principle of attraction in the digital world, you probably won't be able to be found by that person.

The first thing you should know is that your potential audience seeks this information from the largest and most complete search engine on the web, Google.

To start, you can create an account on My Business , through this manager you can enter the address of your clinic or office on Google Maps , answer frequently asked questions of potential patients and provide information about the days and hours of service.

And to improve search performance you need to create a website for your business, to gather information, such as the services provided, specialties, etc.

In addition, an excellent Inbound Marketing strategy requires content for relationship with your patient, you can make this content through a Blog, Vlog and social networks.

2 - Convert potential patients into patients:

After attracting this audience it will be essential that you are able to make them your patients.

However, obviously, not everyone who consumes your content will become your patient.

But you have to do your best so that a good audience rate becomes a customer.

For example, at the end of an article about a particular symptom, you can offer your clinic to that person for consultation.

3 - Convert patients into loyal patients:

It doesn't help much if you have a good attraction rate, but a bad loyalty rate.

In order to maintain the profit on the investment, it will be necessary to make this patient faithful to his office or medical clinic.

Within this pillar it is also possible to carry out various content or communication strategies to improve this index.

For example, sending a return reminder, a congratulatory message when it is the patient's birthday or a simple thank you after the consultation has taken place generates more engagement between you and your patient.

The good news is that you can send these sample messages in the best management software, Doctor Max, via SMS and email.

There are several other strategies that can build customer loyalty, such as relationship marketing , for example. Subscribe to our newsletters and be notified whenever we launch new strategies.

And how can I highlight my medical clinic on social media?

You can apply the two digital marketing strategies presented here on social networks, Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing.

Do you know what content you have to do to contemplate the Inbound Marketing strategy?

So, sharing this content for free on social networks will add value to your brand and give more credibility to your dental office or clinic.

An example, for you to apply Outbound Marketing on social networks is the mass linking of these contents to your target audience (potential patients).

We have separated some of the requirements that your page on social networks should have to stand out:

quality of content: both written content and a simple image must have excellent quality and simplicity of information, in addition to a pleasant visual identity ;

regularity in posts: having a publishing routine creates more proximity to people who follow your channel on social networks;

diversification of content: having, for example, every Monday a content for tips to patients, on Tuesday sharing memes, on Wednesday taking a selfie with a certain patient and talking about what he is doing (with patient authorization) ), on Thursday share a video with tips. This type of communication generates more engagement and proximity between the receiver (patient) and the sender (clinic);

patient service center: providing social networks for the patient to answer questions, or even make an appointment, certainly highlights his office or medical clinic from other competitors.


You saw in this article some of the basis for you to do a good marketing of your clinic or office in the digital world.

Learned, concepts and applicability of Inbound and Outbound Marketing strategies and the basic concepts to stand out in social networks.

There are several other techniques, tactics and strategies of digital marketing that are very useful for your clinic or doctor's office.

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